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Today is National Make a Dog’s Day, and Subaru is turning its dealerships into dog adoption centers. For the entire month of October, it promotes adopting shelter dogs. Over 600 Subaru dealers are participating by either holding in-person or virtual dog adoptions. 

What does Dog’s Day have to do with Subaru?

Make a Dog's Day
Subaru Make a Dog’s Day | Subaru

What do dogs have to do with Subaru? Nothing, really. But it does sell dog accessories for your car or SUV. Things like rear seat covers, cargo-area liner, a ramp to make it easy for your dog to climb into the back, harnesses, pet carriers, and more. So it is all-in on the pets and Subarus mashup.

But does that even matter? Subaru wants you to buy a shelter dog. And more specifically, it would like for you to adopt an “underdog,” which is a dog that has some physical injury or some past tragedy. 

Subaru started the Dog Day campaign on October 22 a few years ago. So the awareness promotion is a product of Subaru, and that’s OK. Most all of us have pets of some sort. Most often it is a dog.

Buy a Forrester and adopt a shelter dog for Dog’s Day

Subaru with dogs
Subaru with dogs | Subaru

But wouldn’t it be great if your dog or cat had a companion? And one that could really use some extra love and attention? Subaru’s marketing brainchild isn’t just hype. Last year it resulted in almost 23,000 shelter dogs finding new homes. That’s incredible. 

So besides doing something good for our furry friends, it associates its goodwill gesture and compassion for animals to the brand. That’s not a bad thing either. Besides the adoption campaign, it is airing three commercials in October featuring some of these underdogs. 

Last year Subaru helped almost 23,000 shelter dogs find homes

Go buy an Outback Wilderness, and make a dog’s day. Let’s see that 23,000 number increase substantially in 2021. You’ve got a little over a week to make a difference and build on those numbers. 

If the timing isn’t quite right, you can still get involved. Do something special for your dog or dogs today and then post it on social media with the #MakeADogsDay hashtag. What could possibly be the downside? You’ll end up with a new Subaru and a friend for life, or just a fantastic companion-you don’t have to buy a Subaru to make a dog’s day. 

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