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Subaru is up to something. The most outdoorsy automaker just released a teaser showing something Subaru is only referring to as the “new SUV.” So cryptic. So exciting. We gots to know! Subaru, what are y’all up to? 

Is Subaru coming out with a new SUV?

Not necessarily. Yes, Subaru just released a new 15-second teaser showing bits and pieces of some SUV-like thing ripping around in the dirt and on-road. The end shows a black screen with “9.15” as the debut date. Although the teaser is for something Subaru only refers to as the “new SUV,” it’s worth noting that Subaru Japan released this teaser. Americans tend to have a different idea of what “SUV” means than many other parts of the world. That is only to say; we should look where that clue seems to lead. 

Is a new Subaru Crosstrek coming? 

Subaru New SUV Teaser shows a tiny Subaru in the distance
Subaru New SUV Teaser | Subaru

Autoblog keenly observes that the timing for a new Crosstrek makes a lot of sense. The second-gen Crosstreks hit the market in 2017. That’s a five-year window where the Crosstrek has gone largely unchanged, except for the Sport trim with the larger engine. However, the same is true for the Impreza, which hasn’t had significant updates since 2016. Could we get an Impreza SUV or Crossover? 

The teaser doesn’t offer much help in figuring out what we are looking at. It does a masterful job of shooting whatever this vehicle is in a way that hides nearly everything while still getting action shots of it driving in the real world. These teasers often show an annoyingly low-lit studio and some headlights. 

The teaser not only creatively obscures the mystery vehicle’s shapes but it also plays wonderfully into Subaru’s outdoors ethos. As Autoblog notes, the Subaru we see guards its closeup jealously. We see the headlights, of course, and even a fresh-looking grille. The only direct visual cue we noticed that looked like a new Subaru Crosstrek was the roofline and profile in the tunnel shot. The “new SUV” had a distinctive Crosstrek look for a second.

Should you wait for Subaru’s “new SUV?” 

Satisfying SUVs that people love driving include this Subaru Crosstrek
The 2022 Subaru Crosstrek SUV | Subaru

Of course, I can’t predict exactly what Subaru is up to. However, the Japanese automaker has been on quite a roll over the past handful of years. The Forester, Crosstrek, and Outback truly came into their own with the current generations. 

Subarus are winning awards and getting high praise for safety, comfort, fuel economy, and more. Most importantly, customers seem to love what Subaru is up to. I mean, look no further than the Wilderness Editon Forester and Outback. This trim is one the brand has needed for years, but current tastes finally pushed it to happen. 

In a time when Subaru seems to be only improving and the current insanity of the market, waiting to see what Subaru is up to before buying your next car might not be a bad idea. In fact, most people would suggest waiting to buy a new car for as long as possible to get past the supply chain issues and inflated prices. So, waiting for a new Subaru SUV is as good a reason as any to see what happens on September 15. 


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