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The 2022 Subaru BRZ made its U.S. debut late last year and has received much praise from critics and buyers alike. Its larger engine, revamped, aesthetics, and reworked suspension make it a blast to drive on the street and well fitted for nearly any race track. However, it has come to our attention that Subaru is also selling ready-made BRZ race cars, but can you get one here in the U.S.?

Can you order the Subaru BRZ Cup Car Basic at your local dealer?

Subaru BRZ Cup Car Basic exterior in blue
Subaru BRZ Cup Car Basic |

The short answer is no, you, unfortunately, won’t be able to find a race-ready BRZ at your local Subaru dealership. According to Car Throttle, this battle-ready version of the sports coupe is only available in Japan and is meant for those racing in the newly established Toyota Gazoo Racing GR86/BRZ Cup. That’s right, hardcore one-make racers only for this car. Fortunately, it’s well-equipped to handle the abuse of such a race.

Subaru BRZ Cup Car Basic inteiror
Subaru BRZ Cup Car Basic Interior |

What does the BRZ Cup Car Basic come with?

Motor1 notes that the Subaru BRZ Cup Car Basic comes with a few modifications that cater to safety. For starters, there is a six-point roll cage with protective bars that run horizontally for extra side protection. There are also outlets for safety harnesses for the driver’s seat in addition to new floormats with cutouts to accommodate the roll cage.

Under the hood, the BRZ Cup Car has the same naturally aspirated flat-four engine as the non-race models available in Japan. That engine produces 232 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque but it’s more dependable thanks to an added air-cooled engine cooler. As you can guess, the sole transmission choice is a six-speed manual.

In addition to the roll cage, the seat-side and side curtain airbags were removed for safety reasons and a set of steel replace the usual alloys that come on the consumer-ready model. There’s no word on what type of suspension modifications were made, however, Subaru does plan to sell 30 units per year and offer the car in seven different colors.

As for pricing, the Subaru BRZ Cup Car Basic will have a starting price of 3,338,500 Yen or $28,939 with the current exchange rates.

Don’t worry, you can still make a 2022 BRZ race car yourself

2022 Subaru BRZ drifting
2022 Subaru BRZ drifting | Subaru

How Much Is a Fully Loaded 2022 Subaru BRZ?

In case you’re bummed about not being to buy a factory race car from Subaru, don’t be. The 2022 BRZ is still an amazing car as-is and features all of the creature comforts that you need for the daily drive. If you want to make it a race car yourself, you can, as there will likely be plenty of aftermarket support for it in the near future. In fact, there are already plans for an HKS supercharger kit for it in the near future.

That all being said, you can probably buy a 2022 BRZ and modify it to be faster, handle better, and be more comfortable than the Cup Car offered in Japan. Just note that it will cost a lot more than $28,000 to do so and you’ll have to wait a while as BRZ allocations have been completely filled for 2022.