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The small, rear-wheel drive sports car is a dying formula. The sales numbers for the Subaru BRZ reflect this, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want one. That dying formula is due largely to the rise in popularity of both SUVs and EVs. Of course, sports cars don’t exactly fly off the shelves, unless it’s a Porsche 911. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want to own a Subaru BRZ.

The Subaru BRZ is Subie’s worst selling car

A the front end of a blue Subaru BRZ
The nose of the Subaru BRZ | Rene Johnston via Getty Images

According to Subaru and P.R Newswire, the BRZ gets some pretty poor sales numbers. Unfortunately, last September Subaru only sold 251 American BRZ models. Of course, the semiconductor shortage is also affecting the production of newer models. It also comes down to a simple fact. A lot of these vehicles are sold as second cars for people.

BRZ owners, like other sports car owners, often aren’t daily driving their Subaru BRZ. Frankly, that lifestyle just isn’t compatible with most people. Having a small, rear-driven, two-door sports coupe requires certain sacrifices. Unfortunately, a lot of folks just aren’t willing to make those sacrifices in the name of an excellent driving experience. And the BRZ is an excellent driving experience.

Worst-selling doesn’t mean “bad”

The BRZ's interior, complete with manual transmission and Apple Carplay
The BRZ’s interior is surprisingly practical | Will Ireland via Getty Images

So, that begs the question? Is the BRZ really that bad to live with? As said above, it often comes down to lifestyle. For the single 23-year-old with no kids, the Subie is perfectly reasonable. It’s not like he or she needs to transport a great deal of stuff. Additionally, a set of good winter tires solves any climate-related driving issues. Moreover, those who can make the BRZ life work get quite a lot in exchange.

The Subie is new enough to have modern features, such as Carplay and a decent smattering of safety features. But, it’s also part of an age-old formula for driving fun. “Slow car fast” is definitely as applicable to the BRZ as it is the Miata, and I can personally attest to the fun driving experience the BRZ provides. That is exactly why, should you be willing to make the sacrifices, you should want a Subaru BRZ.

The BRZ is part of a dying breed

A silver BRZ under a light box in Chicago
A silver BRZ under the lights | Raymond Boyd via Getty Images

Moreover, this experience likely won’t be around for much longer. SUVs and EVs are taking over the streets, and it’s becoming more and more uncommon to see vehicles like this around. Yes, the Subaru BRZ‘s poor sales numbers are to be expected given what the vehicle is, but a global shift in our views on transportation is also to blame. Manufacturers won’t be making cars for car people much longer, and if they do, expect them to be electric-only with an automatic transmission. For now, it’s best to enjoy the experience while you can if this lifestyle appeals to you.


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