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Much of the burgeoning EV segment wear designs that fit well into a sustainable future. For example, smaller, coupe-like four-door sedans, narrower subcompacts, and lighter pickup trucks. However, Genesis is taking a page from tradition in their new flagship EV. Although it was a mere concept months ago, the long, low-slung Genesis X Convertible Concept got the green light for production.

Origins of the Genesis X Convertible

Genesis X Convertible
Genesis X Convertible | Genesis

The X Convertible debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2022. Yet, it was the third concept revealed of an electric Genesis coupe concept. Beforehand, the public saw the Genesis X Speedium Coupe and the ground tourer-style Genesis X Concept. The push is part of parent company Hyundai Motor Group’s plan to build EVs only by 2025.

Styling details reflect the marque’s distinctive “athletic elegance.” Also, the brand’s “two lines” design language is demonstrated by the sweeping lighting signatures along the front sides. The Genesis X Convertible also sports a new version of the striking crest front grille. Nevertheless, it has many of the hallmarks of a conventional big, speedy coupe.

Some have commented that the Genesis X Convertible looks like a Bentley. While Bentley has been in the grand tourer-building business since the beginning, it isn’t synonymous with elongated fast coupes. But the person who oversaw the design of Bentley’s modern greats and the Genesis X Convertible is no other than Luc Donckerwolke. As Genesis’ chief designer, he continues to build on the successes he had with Volkswagen AG, including the Bentley Flying Spur and numerous iconic Lamborghinis.

When will the X Convertible go on sale?

Genesis X Convertible
Genesis X Convertible interior | Genesis

The news from Donckerwolke came at a recent Genesis National Dealer Advisory Council meeting. But he only asserted that the Genesis X Convertible would be built, not when. It’s likely that the brand could follow Hyundai Motor Group’s 2025 electrification plan.

There is also speculation that Genesis will build at least one of the other two concept coupes. Given that Genesis already teased the convertible EV, a hardtop is possible.

How much will the Genesis X Convertible be?

Genesis X Convertible
Genesis X Convertible | Genesis

Does Hyundai Own Genesis?

Since the release date for the X Convertible is unclear, so is the price range. Yet, some assumptions can be made from comments made at the council’s meeting. InsideEVs reports that council chairman Peter Lanzavecchia plans on the Genesis X Convertible competing with ultra-luxury cars.

“I don’t know if it’s going to be over $200,000 or $300,000, but I guarantee we’re going see a lot of Bentley Continental convertible trade-ins on that when it comes to our showrooms,” Lanzavecchia said. But he also inferred that the Genesis X Convertible would be a limited-run production model.

Such financial aspects place the X Convertible in direct competition with the Cadillac Celestiq, which already has an 18-month waiting line. As Bentley and Rolls-Royce seek electric models, they are also expanding their atelier-style customization services. Genesis is thinking on the matter, too. Reportedly, a “One of One” division to tailor everything from seat upholstery and rare material interior trims to powertrain options.