Street Race Ends With Flaming Nissan 350Z Raising Hell at Cadillac Dealership

Street racing is one of those things that telling people not to do it makes you feel like a parent, the likes of which you always said you would never be, but supporting it or doing it kind of makes you a reckless idiot. Racing is great, but what makes it great is rules and control. Racing in the street inevitably ends up hurting people or other’s property. A Florida man Learned the hard way as he lost control of his Nissan 350z as it careened into a Cadillac dealership causing hundred of thousands of dollars in damage. 

Florida man destroys a fleet of Cadillacs with Nissan 350z

GM Authority reports that several brand-new Cadillac crossovers were destroyed due to a failed street race in Tampa, Florida. The reports say that it is hard to determine how fast the Nissan driver was going when he hit the Cadillacs, but judging by the look of the Cadillacs, he must have been going a pretty good clip when he lost it. 

Row of Cadillac XT4s and XT5s got destroyed by Florida man street racing.
Cadillac Dealership get wrecked by crashed Nissan 350z | Alexandru Aioanei 2

So what happened? 

The crash happened sometime around 3:30 am when a street race went awry. Reports say that the driver of the Nissan 350z lost control, hit a curb, and subsequently flew into the dealership like a bull in a china shop. The results look more like a war movie than a car crash. 

The row of Cadillacs hit by the flying Nissan look to have been run over by a tank. If the Nissan 350z stayed on the ground, the results would have likely been different, but since the Nissan hit the Cadillacs on the upper half, the carnage was catastrophic. It is still uncertain exactly how much damage the 350z caused here. 

How much will this cost?

The photos show at least four brand-new Cadillacs that got the brunt of the crash, but reports suggest that a few more cars may have been damaged in the conflagration. GM Authority reports that multiple Cadillac XT4s and XT5s were caught in the street race carnage. A 2021 Cadillac XT4 costs between $35,795 – $42,495 depending on trim level. The XT5 being a model up costs between $43,995 – $55,095. The damage clearly digs into the six-figure range before assessing damages to the grounds themselves and the driver’s car. 

Row of Cadillac XT4s and XT5s got destroyed by rogue street racer
Cadillac Dealership get wrecked by crashed Nissan 350z | Alexandru Aioanei 2

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If there were any questions after seeing these photos of whether these cars would be salvageable, a YouTube video surfaced at the dealership surveying the aftermath. Many of the Cadillac’s roofs were nearly ripped off and partially burned after the Nissan rolled and burst into flames. 

How did the Nissan 350z driver fair?

Thankfully, the driver was said to have climbed out of the car before the fire and walked away with minor scrapes and bruises. If, in fact, the driver is as fine as reports would suggest, it is fair to say that he is a lucky man indeed. The photos of the scene of the crash do not look like the kind of crash that someone merely walks away from unscathed. 

The amount of force needed to rip the roofs off of multiple SUVs and blast through multiple other Cadillacs should have ended in a much more grisly scene. 

GM Authority makes sure to note that the XT4s and XT5s seem to have reacted to the crash exactly as designed. The SUVs’ airbags were all deployed, and crumble zones crumpled. Although none of this is what either party wanted to happen, it does seem like a lucky situation, all things considered.