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The odd-looking Chevy Silverado with three wheels makes everyone take a second glance. Whether you look at this vehicle to see if it actually offers enough stability to function with three wheels or you admire the amazing John Deere Green paint, this truck and its owner have an interesting story. Until recently, that story wasn’t told, but now we have a better idea of what’s going on with this truck.

From the falls of grace and a scaffold, a truck for a biker

The three-wheel truck that Dave Sullens uses to minister to the masses
Dave Sullens Truck | Facebook

How can an ex-biker who is a licensed minister attract attention and share his mission and message with the masses? According to The Drive, former carpenter, biker, and current minister Dave Sullens is the owner of one of the most unique trucks in the world. This truck, like Dave himself, was reborn out of a need to become something different and better than before.

Sullens hints at having a tough past in his youth, but now that he’s older and married, he has found a better path. His wife introduced him to faith and a path of peace and piety, which brought him strength during a tough time. Dave used to ride bikes, but a fall from some scaffolding while doing carpentry work changed his life with some injuries. He no longer has one of his legs or the equilibrium needed to ride bikes.

A better alternative in a truck

Rather than withdraw into himself and push the world aside, Dave turned to his son to help him build a vehicle he could drive that looks and works somewhat like a bike. His son, an engineer, helped him build the truck that took away one wheel and gave him just as much stability and power as before.

“If a curve says 40 miles an hour, I can run 55 because of the weight.” – Dave Sullens

The Drive

The Chevy S10 truck to spread the good word

The truck that represents Dave’s return from injuries is a modified S10. Since 2012, he’s used this truck to travel to bike rallies to show off an extremely unique truck. He hauls a similarly-built golf cart with him where he can bring coffee and ice water to those that stop to look at his truck and listen to his message of faith.

In 2019 Dave’s son built him a modified Silverado with the same look. This new Chevy was made because Dave, now 70, was finding it trickier to get in and out of the S10.

The coronavirus didn’t stop this minister and his truck

Dave Sullens Chevy Silverado is a truck of faith and fun.
Dave Sullens Chevy Silverado | Facebook

While many bike rallies were canceled during the past couple of years, Dave took his special Silverado to car shows around the country. It’s pretty obvious this man knows how to face down a challenge and deliver his message to anyone that’s willing to listen to him.

A few details about this specialized Chevy truck

As a little departure from the feel-good aspect of Dave Sullens, the odd-looking truck features:

  • Custom A-frame suspended on a pair of hidden coil springs
  • Single 10-ply tire
  • Stock 4.8-liter V8 engine with an automatic transmission
  • Power rear end pull from a three-quarter-ton truck
  • Limited-slip differential
  • One-ton torsion bar

Overall, this truck handles and performs well. In fact, Dave states the truck handles curves extremely well. He told The Drive “If a curve says 40 miles an hour, I can run 55 because of the weight.”

The truck that delivers the message

Silverado three-wheel
Chevy Silverado three-wheel pickup | Facebook

With this unique and interesting truck, Dave can sit in the bed in a lawn chair, and many people will come to him to see his truck, and some stay to listen to his message. This truck, painted in John Deere Green with a yellow stripe, spreads a message of peace with something special. According to Dave:

“I don’t know if you could see it on the back quarter panel, in the yellow strip, it doesn’t say John Deer. It says John 3:16.” – Dave Sullens

The Drive

The Silverado with three wheels and green paint could show up at a bike rally or car show near you. This truck will make you stop and stare at it. Of course, you can visit with Dave and listen to his message of peace and faith while admiring his unique truck.


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