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Oh, to have problems like Ford’s would be a wonderful thing. With the reception and orders flooding into the reservation website, it’s hard to imagine what took Ford so long to bring out a new Bronco? The bountiful Bronco harvest is also coming with some major headaches for the Dearborn automaker. 

Ford has a flood of Bronco orders it can’t handle

The 2021 Ford Bronco 4-Door model exterior side shot parked on a dirt road
The 2021 Ford Bronco 4-Door model | Ford

Ford can’t keep up with the reservations that won’t stop. Now comes word that it has stopped taking reservations. We don’t mean for 2021 models, we’re talking 2022 Broncos. But there is more bad news if you’re Jonesing for a new Bronco. 

Some buyers ordering 2022 models may have to wait two years for delivery. Yikes! Cars Direct says Ford suggested potential buyers configure their 202? Bronco then contact a dealer to place the order. But no more online reservations will be received. 

And 2021 Broncos are also affected. Ford won’t take reservations for 2021 vehicles. Instead, it is directing potential buyers to consider 2022 models. Conveniently for Ford, those 2022 Broncos come with an almost $1,000 price increase. And there is more.

You might not get the 2021 Bronco you ordered

Grille and headlight on orange Ford Bronco Raptor
Ford Bronco Raptor | Ford

If you have placed an order but haven’t received your Bronco, your order will now shift to 2022. You’ll have to contact your dealer directly for further details. “Due to the high number of Bronco 2 and 4-door orders, Bronco deliveries will extend through the 2022 calendar year,” Ford advises on its website.

There are still 2021 Broncos being built right now, though. Ford won’t shift to 2022 models until the end of the year to try and pump out as many 2021s as possible. That is if the chip shortage and logistical snafus don’t get in the way, which is always a possibility. 

Some problems Ford is creating for itself. While all of this seems manageable, let’s not forget it is scheduling other, more desirable Broncos around the corner. That means it will be seeing a surge in orders in the not-too-distant future. 

We hope that someday Ford can launch a vehicle without any drama

An empty Ford dealership shows that now is not the best time to buy a car. Buying a car right now will be tough.
Empty Ford Dealership | David Paul Morris Getty Images

This is typically how automakers launch new models. Start with the bread-and-butter, straight-ahead versions. Then, as demand and hype start tailing off, bring out the juicer models. But the Bronco is not a typical vehicle or launch. We doubt Ford has seen anything like this since April 1964. That’s when the Mustang made its debut. 

Of course, Ford’s failure to launch problems are becoming more common with each new vehicle debut. We’ve discussed this ad nauseam, but it bears mentioning. And it also goes for the Chevy Corvette. Carmakers’ judgment for what it might consider boutique vehicles is way off. Both Chevy and Ford knew there was high anticipation for both vehicles. 

Obviously, the pandemic, chip shortage, and now logistical problems, are all to blame for a lot of this. But neither automaker seems to be able to shift gears and bust out more products.


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