Stolen Toyota Land Cruiser Spotted in Suburbs After Violent Theft

On Wednesday morning, February 24, a 34-year-old woman sat in her parked Toyota Land Cruiser. She never expected a man to threaten her out of her Toyota SUV at knifepoint, but that’s exactly what happened. Sources spotted the stolen Toyota Land Cruiser in the suburbs of Rockhampton in Queensland, Australia later that night after the violent carjacking.

The Toyota Land Cruiser parked in front of a mountain range.
Toyota Land Cruiser | Toyota

We all have those moments we take for granted. We sit in our cars sending texts, reading emails, or browsing social media pages before putting the car in gear and leaving the carpark. For one woman in Australia, a violent car thief exploited this moment of vulnerability.

After the 25-year-old man threatened her, she exited her vehicle. Then the man drove the stolen Toyota Land Cruiser out of the parking lot. Reports claim the Land Cruiser had a full tank of fuel.

Stolen Toyota Land Cruiser leads to two arrests

After deploying extensive police resources, they found and charged two suspects. The police department released the “dog squad.” In addition, they notified the public to keep an eye out. However, the police warned civilians not to engage with or approach the suspects.

After a violent carjacking, the suspects in the stolen Toyota Land Cruiser were labelled dangerous. Over 24 hours later, the police made two arrests. The man who initially took the stolen Toyota Land Cruiser and a 25-year-old woman that the police believe to be his associate.

The man was today charged with three counts of evasion and one count each of armed robbery, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and driving unlicensed.

The Morning Bulletin

The man faces several charges. The female associate does too. Both are expected in court soon.

The Andergrove woman was charged with unlawful use and stealing. She is scheduled to appear in the same court on March 16.

The Morning Bulletin

The stolen Toyota SUV spotted but still not found

Police forces and civilians kept a vigil for the stolen Toyota Land Cruiser. Several sources tracked the violently carjacked vehicle across multiple suburbs. Sources last spotted the stolen Toyota Land Cruiser in a neighborhood in Rockhampton. There is no additional information on the vehicle or its whereabouts.

Police at Mount Pleasant Centre indoor carpark after a reported carjacking of the stolen TOyota land cruiser
Police at Mount Pleasant Centre after a reported carjacking | Melanie Whiting

With the given information, we can reasonably assume that the police didn’t find the stolen Toyota Land Cruiser. Surely the police plan to continue their recovery efforts of carjacked vehicle. Hopefully, the Land Cruiser makes its way back home. If not, we just hope the owner’s insurance covers the loss.

In fact, let’s also add that it’s extremely fortunate no one got hurt during the ordeal. After the carjacking, reports claim the suspected failed to stop for law enforcement on multiple occasions. In addition, the man fled at while speeding illegally. There are not any injured civilians or damaged vehicle casualties.

What’s so great about the Toyota Land Cruiser?

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a legend. It’s a hardcore off-road vehicle. Plus, it boasts a large and luxurious interior. With decades of rugged DNA, it’s become a globally respected Toyota SUV. Unfortunately, the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser won’t make it over here to the states.

That’s not a problem for the folks in Australia. They are sure to get it. However, not everyone can afford one. This is not the first time someone stole this Toyota SUV. Furthermore, it’s not the last.

the new Land cruiser model on display is sure to be a different and better SUV than ever
2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Rendering | Force GT

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This alarming account of auto theft reminds us to remain alert. Even in moments that feel safe, having awareness of your surroundings is paramount. While we shouldn’t live in constant fear, it is still wise for us to keep an eye out. Just because this happened across the world in Australia doesn’t mean we are immune to this type of threat.