Stolen $250,000 Lamborghini Urus Owned by an NBA Player Gets Totaled

Buying a Lamborghini Urus is no small feat, even when you’re an accomplished NBA player such as Terrence Ross of the Orlando Magic. Aside from a hefty $218,000 base price, buying Lamborghini’s first SUV is particularly difficult due to a lack of available supply. As a result, these super SUVs often trade well above their MSRP, even with some miles on them.

However, as CarBuzz reports, Ross had his Italian SUV stolen fairly recently. What followed were a series of unfortunate events which resulted in the thieves eventually losing control and smashing into a building. Unfortunately for Ross, his SUV was particularly special and nearly impossible to replace.

How do you steal a Lamborghini Urus?

While several news outlets covered this stolen Lamborghini Urus story, Ross himself took to Instagram to tell the whole story. According to Ross, this story began as he was driving around, and his Urus must’ve run over something and gotten a flat tire. Like most vehicles at this price point, Ross’s local dealership sent over a flatbed to collect the SUV for service.

Once at the dealership, the Lamborghini Urus sat idle with its flat tire awaiting service. At this point, Ross reports that at least one car thief broke into the dealership and stole a handful of keys. With keys in hand, the thief then made their way out to the parking lot, testing to see which vehicle would open.

Unfortunately for Ross, the thieves had gotten their hands on his key. After firing up the 641-hp SUV, the thieves reportedly sped off. However, since this particular Urus had a tire issue, they didn’t manage to get very far.

The thieves smashed into a building, totaling the SUV

After stealing the Lamborghini Urus, the thieves began driving it around the Orlando area. However, they didn’t manage to get very far. According to Ross, local police officers told him that the tire eventually completely gave out, causing the rear end of the SUV to fishtail and lose control. At this point, the thieves crashed into a building.

While Ross didn’t show any photos of his SUV, he did explain that the crash was severe enough to total his ride. In fact, Ross reports not knowing anything about his stolen SUV until after it was destroyed. In fact, he states that the only reason the police found the thieves so quickly was that they crashed. Had they stolen in good shape, they might’ve gotten away.

Buying a Lamborghini Urus is surprisingly difficult

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Having a totaled Lamborghini Urus certainly isn’t the end of the world. Given the SUVs’ high valuation, Ross’s insurance company should have no problem paying out its full value. However, finding a replacement could prove significantly more difficult than expected. That’s because, despite a high amount of demand for the Urus, Lamborghini can only produce so many at a time.

Despite the ongoing microchip shortage that has affected the auto industry, the Urus shortage existed way before that. As a result, finding a replacement SUV right now is next to impossible. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a wait time of over a year for one of these tall-riding Lamborghinis.