Someone Stole a Mail Truck, and the USPS Isn’t Happy

The Grumman LLV has long been the iconic mail truck. But apparently, someone in Hollywood loves this delivery vehicle a little too much, as the USPS reported one of its trucks was stolen from the West Hollywood Hills Post Office. That’s right, according to the federal agency’s Miami division, someone was crazy enough to steal a Grumman mail truck between June 8th and June 9th, and needless to say, the postal service is not very happy. There is currently a $10,000 reward offered for information that can lead to the arrest of the suspect or suspects.

It’s possible to love the Grumman LLV too much

While it isn’t clear why someone would want to steal a mail truck, one was heisted in Hollywood. At some point in the evening of June 8th or the morning of June 9th, a Grumman LLV mail truck was taken from the West Hollywood Hills Post Office. And for a short time, the USPS did not know where the truck had gone. But, the vehicle was quickly recovered. 

A USPS mail truck sits in a local neighborhood.
Grumman LLV | IFCAR

The folks who perpetrated the crime are still at-large, and USPIS inspectors have stated that citizens should not take any action in an attempt to apprehend the perpetrators themselves. Instead, the agency is seeking any new information that could help find whoever took the Grumman LLV from its home. 

What happens if you steal a mail truck?

The United States Postal Service takes theft seriously, and that is for good reason. The mail is an important part of the United States, and many important documents are sent every day. Because of that, if you are caught stealing a mail truck, or even just taking mail that is not yours, you can face time in Federal prison as well as some hefty fines. 

The USPS is a federal agency, which means that crimes involving it are considered more serious than say, stealing a regular car. So whether those who stole the Hollywood mail truck just wanted to take a Grumman LLV for a joy ride or they wanted to steal mail, they are likely in for some serious trouble. 

Can you buy a Grumman LLV?

If you really want to buy a USPS mail truck, it is possible. The best route is to try to find one available via government auction, where occasionally the postal service will sell older mail delivery vehicles. If you do purchase a Grumman LLV, keep in mind that according to Postal Reporter, impersonating a mail carrier is a serious offense. So you may not want to drive slowly past any mailboxes. 

A Grumman LLV mail truck sits in a local neighborhood with USPS livery.
Grumman LLV | IFCAR

Buying a USPS Mail Truck May Not Be as Simple as You Think

No matter how badly you may want to drive a Grumman LLV, it is probably best not to steal one unless you don’t mind potential prison time and large fines. There is a way to drive a Grumman LLV without getting criminal charges, and that is to get a job as a mail carrier with the United States Postal Service. If you do have any information in regards to the mail truck theft in Hollywood, be sure to alert the proper authorities, you may be rewarded with $10,000.