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So many Americans are getting out there in their RVs these days. There are so many adventures out there just waiting to be had. Families are gearing up for summer visits to the national parks. Honeymooners are venturing out for romantic and scenic views. Everyone in between can find something fun with RV travels. So, to help you prepare for your upcoming RV road trips, these are the RV hacks you need to see. From sticky hooks to shower magnets, this is the ultimate list of must-haves before you get your RV out on the road.

1. Fabric laundry bags

An RV laundry truck from Bayaud Enterprises for homeless individuals and those with disabilities
An RV laundry truck | Seth McConnell/The Denver Post via Getty Images

According to Morehackz, fabric laundry bags are an RV bathroom essential. Since traditional plastic laundry baskets take up too much space, the fabric bags are great for tucking into corners and under cubbies without hogging up the tiny RV bathroom.

2. Makeup and toiletry bag

At home, you can spread your toiletries all over your bathroom and still have room to function. However, during your RV travels, you won’t have counter space and drawers like you do at home. A space-saving makeup or toiletry bag is perfect for the RV life and will keep all your essentials in one convenient space.

3. Sticky Hooks

Sticky hooks are convenient for all kinds of uses. Additionally, because they’re designed with an adhesive that won’t damage surfaces, you can feel free to place hooks all around your RV. They’re great for hanging toothbrushes, as well.

4. Storage cubes

Bring organization under your seats and RV counters by making smart use of storage cubes. These are available in a variety of sizes and are stackable for even the most cramped of spaces. Additionally, they’re perfect for storing extension cords and other essentials out of the way.

5. Collapsible bins

Wherever you live, you’ll have to contend with trash. Collapsible bins are fantastic for conserving space yet providing much-needed receptacles. Keep a few of these bins on hand because they’re easy to stow away and perfect for storing almost anything in a pinch.

6. Potato box

If you have extra space under your kitchen cupboard, consider bringing along an old-fashioned potato box. Yes, they’re somewhat bulky compared to some of these other space-saving RV hacks. However, the potato box is essential for storing fresh fruits and vegetables, according to My Rig Adventures. So, you’ll always enjoy fresh goodies on the road.

7. Dust proofing your RV

Combatting dust in your RV travels is an ongoing endeavor. The more you hit those dusty trails, the dirtier your seats, folding tables, and counters will get. Get some reusable cleaning cloths to make quick work of dusty surfaces. Microfibers are especially helpful and space-saving too. For the exterior of your RV, you can make use of tapes to seal off crevasses or use an RV cover when you plan to go exploring elsewhere for the day.

8. Get a sink cover

Another absolute must-have for your RV travels is a sink cover. When your basin is not in use, a cover can provide added counter space. Some variations also serve as cutting boards, too! Check out the sizes and features on Camping World.

9. Magazine racks

Get some magazine racks or office folder holders to help organize all sorts of things. Line up your plastic wraps and foils. Or, stuff these full of your favorite snacks near your bunk.

10. Shower door magnets

Do yourself a favor and get the shower door magnets. If you happen to park your RV on a slight angle, that shower door will never stay closed. Additionally, a magnet will keep it secure over bumps and uneven terrain during your drive.

Print this list and stock up your RV with all the best hacks for your trip. You’ll be all set to have your best RV adventure!


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