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Stephen Curry, he’s not just an All-star point guard for the Golden State Warriors. He’s also a brand ambassador for Nissan’s Infiniti brand of cars. When Curry’s not busy on the court, one thing he may be doing is pulling pranks on his friends.

Curry teamed up with Infiniti recently to prank his friend, COSeezy, where Curry brought COSeezy in to review a brand-new concept car that Curry helped design for a fake Infiniti commercial.

The prank

Stephen Curry unveiled the draped and faked concept car to COSeezy, whom Curry had coached to react with shock and awe. The excitement of looking at the potential future of power faded away when COSeezy saw the truth. Curry told COSeezy that its ugly design was for aerodynamics. Plus, he claimed that with the help of its 6-suction air turbines, which recycled air according to him, Curry’s concept car could hit a top speed of 220 miles per hour. 

Curry then continued to prod his friend on and asked COSeezy what was luxurious about his concept car. Despite the fact that the car had cramped interiors and could only seat one person, COSeezy went on to compliment the car and how its single-seat was its luxury feature because it would turn heads. Curry couldn’t help but laugh in silence while his friend took a peek at the interior of the car. 

Before revealing the truth to his friend, the director of this fake Infiniti ad asked COSeezy to do some reshoots of his initial reactions to the car. Curry and COSeezy did several takes where they just kept upping the ante and going crazier over the reveal of this luxurious one-seater.

Finally, Curry gave the keys to the car to COSeezy and the nearby Infiniti marketing spokesperson asked COSeezy if he wanted to be a brand ambassador for Infiniti too by driving around in that concept car. 

The reveal

However, all good things must come to an end. Stephen Curry revealed to his friend that the concept car was just a joke. In fact, the actual vehicle that the concept car was slightly modified from was a GO-4, a utility vehicle that’s used by airports and by meter maids. The vehicle comes with a whopping 1.0-liter 66-hp engine.

COSeezy took the prank well enough as Curry revealed to him, with the help of his daughter, an actual concept car by Infiniti, the QX Inspiration.

This fully-electric concept luxury SUV was officially unveiled by Infiniti earlier in the year during the Detroit Auto Show. Curry showed his friend the sleek and futuristic interior of the QX Inspiration and they closed out the video by giving some genuine compliments about the QX Inspiration. 

The partnership

This prank is the latest and hopefully not the last collaboration between Curry and Infiniti. Curry and Infiniti had partnered up for a lot of other successful ad campaigns as well, including a commercial for Infiniti’s QX50.

In fact, earlier in the year, Curry was the one to reveal to the world the QX Inspiration as he was given the opportunity to drive around in it. His viral posts on social media about the concept car undoubtedly helped Infiniti raise awareness about the future of its SUVs.

Infiniti claims that it’s always improving the performance of its cars, just like how Curry is always improving his performance as a basketball player. The QX Inspiration can’t come soon enough as electric SUVs are something many automakers are making or will be making. As of now, Tesla’s Model X is the current leader in electric SUVs, but if the QX Inspiration is as high performance as its brand ambassador is, then Tesla will have some tough competition on its hands.