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As automakers shift their goals to creating new electric vehicles, there are new hurdles to consider. One of the most significant issues facing them is the availability of batteries. Because of the manufacturing process behind electric vehicle batteries, there need some safety nets to make sure automakers are going to be able to build the electric vehicles that they have been looking to complete. Stellantis has some idea of what to do to fight the impending battery shortage.

An expected shortage

Stellantis, like other automakers, is making the shift to electric vehicles. This shift is expected due to the overwhelming excitement surrounding the potential of electric cars. The efficiency, modern driving dynamics, and technology that a new electric vehicle offers make these models completely special.

Stellantis is anticipating a few things that could go wrong with the shift to electric cars, but they are actively working to ensure that the pending increase in production doesn’t hold them back. One aspect that automakers such as Stellantis are expecting to make the production of new electric cars is batteries. 

Of course, the batteries found in electric cars are essential because batteries are responsible for power and performance. Furthermore, creating batteries can be difficult, and because of that, Stellantis is preparing for an expected shortage of batteries.

One step that Stellantis is taking is the planned opening of a battery factory in Kokomo, IN. Here they plan to work with Samsung SDI and use the PRiMX technology to create the battery cells and modules needed for electric cars.

When is the shortage expected?

the machines used to create lithium ion batteries that power electric vehicles
Production of Lithium Ion Batteries | Future Publishing via Getty Images

According to Automotive News, Stellantis CEO Carlo Tavares expects the battery shortage to begin in 2024 or 2025. Furthermore, he also expects that the raw materials needed to produce the batteries will be tough to come by in 2027 or 2028. Because of that, Stellantis, and other automakers, are working hard to figure out a plan.

While there is little time before the expected shortages, automakers are looking for ways to combat this before it becomes an issue. Nothing is off the table when looking for solutions. When it comes to acquiring the raw materials, getting more production sites running, or even working with the government, Stellantis is pulling out all stops.

The production of EVs isn’t slowing down

the chrysler airflow concept vehicle, a peek at the all electric future of stellantis
The Chrysler Airflow Concept Vehicle; All-Electric Concept Car | Stellantis

Despite the impending shortages and the possible supply chain issues, most automakers are full-speed ahead in electric vehicles. Automakers understand that the future of the automotive world will be electric. Because of this, they are working hard to make sure they are ready to produce all of the new electric vehicles that drivers could want.


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