Stash Of Weird Stuff In Pickup Trucks

We at Motor Biscuit are exposed to every facet of vehicle enthusiasm. We see the good, the bad, and the questionable. We’ve seen pickup trucks used for just about every imaginable need. Nature abhors a vacuum. You bought that truck to haul. You’re not making $600-a-month payments to have to rent something better for your hauling requirements. So, here’s a collection of weird stuff in pickup trucks.

So we have accumulated a variety of uses we’ve seen on the interweb that shows both the versatility and imagination that comes with pickup truck ownership. You’re ingenious, adventuresome, and won’t take no for an impossible situation. When it’s time for your truck to perform, it’s going to perform. No matter what.

So check out our humble assemblage of some proper and improper ways of dealing with the unique situations life hands you.

Animals In Truck Beds

Livestock hauling and other needs are usually fulfilled nicely by a pickup truck. IF IT”S DONE CORRECTLY AND SAFELY. Some of these examples are the right way, and some of these truck owners might be crazy, in our opinion. If it looks wrong, it’s wrong and don’t try it at home.

We don’t even know what to say about this. Is there a possibility that due to the rarity and protected status of a tiger that this is all on the up and up? We didn’t think so either
This is just wrong but is quite a sight nonetheless.
The proper way to haul smaller livestock.
Not the proper way to haul livestock!
If you think this looks shaky, check out below.
This looks like a big mistake waiting to happen.
Hauling a horse and pallets seems like two separate operations, with the horse hauling done with a horse hauler, not a pickup.
Unless tethered and with a wall of a certain amount of feet most states don’t allow this.

Cars and Boats in Pickup Beds

As impossible as it seems here are examples of truck owners in need of hauling services for vehicles and boats. If it looks illegal, it usually is.

We guess it fits, but from the look of the cop car almost out of view on the right just because it fits doesn’t mean it’s close to being legal. Wonder what the fine was?
Where are the Highway Patrol in this view? Not there yet, but they’ll be here soon you can bet.
This setup looks like it has been engineered well but why is this better than using the hitch he’s got hanging out the back of the truck?
It’s a Smart car but is it smart to do this?
See above!

Birds, Fish, and More

Though most of these examples are probably legal, it still raises the question of why?

We honestly don’t know what’s going on here but we thought it looked like a cool pic so here ya go. It’s birds in a truck as advertised.
This truck owner is using his pickup bed for either his catch of the day or for chum.
Not sure whether he’s gassing up to get home to cut this up for the freezer or to get to his taxidermist? At least he should tie a red flag on the fin to warn drivers behind him.
Relocating or rendering?

Too Much Weight, Too Little Sense

Here’s some examples of what you don’t want to be doing with your pickup. Consider this a public service message.

Yeah, it’s loaded, and so must be the driver…

We figure this was a case of a natural disaster but from what we’ve seen so far we wouldn’t put it past the owner to try and haul this boulder from his property.
School’s out!

Yeah, it caught the attention of John Law. It’s not like it’s really conspicuous or anything?
You think this dude owns a wrench so he could dismantle the bed? Asking for a friend.

Hope he’s got insurance.

The Camping Life

We thought we would conclude with this selection of unique campers in case you thought all campers looked the same.

Campers don’t have to be like the traditional aluminum-sided jobs we’ve seen for 80 years.
The top of the cab was cut off so the front of the camper is also the cab and windshield for a unique take on camper design.
We’ve all seen variations of the old Humphrey House-style camper. This is just a slightly modern take on that theme done on this F-350.