Spotting The Hyundai Santa Cruz Raises Confusion

The 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz was spotted, and as a result, we’re confused. The little crossover truck was covered with camouflage, so we only got to see an outline of the Hyundai Santa Cruz, and we’re definitely ready to learn more. 

What to expect with the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz 

The Hyundai Santa Cruz has been teased since 2015, but because this prototype was spotted, it seems like Hyundai is finally delivering their promise soon. The 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz was seen on a trailer in the middle of the Southern California desert, so it’s safe to assume that this little truck crossover can go adventuring. 

2021 Hyundai Santa Cruz Rendering | Kolesa
2021 Hyundai Santa Cruz Rendering | Kolesa

It was 110 degrees where the Hyundai Santa Cruz was spotted, denoting that it came to play in some pretty rough conditions. It may have also been on the way to Death Valley to play in even harsher conditions. However, we aren’t sure if it’s a truck or even built for off-roading. 

What is the Hyundai Santa Cruz?

Based on the sloping shape of the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz and the fact that it has four doors, it reminds us of the little Subaru Baja. However, we aren’t sure if it can really be called a truck. The trunk or truck bed area was covered and looks quite small. 

Also, the Hyundai Santa Cruz will have a unibody frame that’s built on the Hyundai Tucson platform. This will be a disappointment for those who want a compact truck with a body on frame build for enhanced off-roading capabilities. 

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Some people suggest that you think of the 20220 Hyundai Santa Cruz as a smaller Honda Ridgeline, which has all-wheel-drive instead of four-wheel drive. This could limit off-roading capabilities as well, even though the Honda Ridgeline has proven its ability to forge streams and climb up trails. 

We can guess that the Hyundai Santa Cruz will be better designed to tackle city streets instead of crawling over rock faces. The unibody design and smaller truck bed (or trunk area) will help this little crossover handle like a car for a comfortable ride to trailheads. 

Hyundai Santa Cruz features 

The Hyundai Santa Cruz may be an affordable option for those who don’t want a truck or need massive truck power. By being compact, the Santa Cruz will be easy to maneuver in the city and fit for going on adventures. 

A Hyundai Santa Cruz truck on display at an auto show.
Hyundai Santa Cruz | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Some rumors suggest that the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz will start around $25k, but that price is still pretty steep for younger people to afford. The Honda Element targeted people around the age of 23 but was too expensive for that demographic to afford. 

This ultimately leading to it being discontinued. The Ford Maverick is also rumored to start around $20k, offering a cheaper little truck crossover option. 

Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept
Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept | Hyundai

Also, rumors claim that the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz will offer a diesel engine, which would be better for off-roading and could create a better fuel economy. Hyundai plans to manufacture 50k to 70k units to sell, showing confidence in their new design. We can’t wait to learn more about this mystery truck.