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Everyone really wants the Ram 1200 Rampage to come to America. You aren’t alone if you have been waiting to see a Ford Maverick fighter spring from Stellantis. We don’t want to be a wet towel, but those dreams need to be put on hold. The Ram 1200 Rampage might not be destined for our shores. 

Is the Ram 1200 Rampage coming to America? 

Teaser for the new Ram 1200 Rampage
Ram 1200 Rampage teaser | Ram

There is a slight chance that the Ram 1200 Rampage could come to America, but this tiny ute is most likely heading to emerging markets. It could replace the Ram 1000 in South American countries like Columbia and Brazil. 

However, Motor1 noted that the Ramage was recently spotted on American soil for the first time. Until now, spy shots of this new compact truck have only been spotted in other countries, so this is getting people’s hopes up. 

The Rampage is being codeveloped in North and South America, which is a good sign. But production is going to take place at the Goiana industrial complex in Brazil. Meanwhile, the Jeep Cherokee plant in Illinois could be repurposed for something. 

Also, there was a recent teaser for the little truck released in Brazil. We didn’t get it here. The teaser shares clues about turbo engines and design cues borrowed from the larger Ram 1500. 

If the truck comes to America, it might not be simply a rebadged version of the Ram 1200 Rampage. It would probably have unique styling and a different name. 

Is Ram working on a new small truck? 

We know that the Ram 1200 Rampage is heading to South America by the end of the year, but that might not be the only new truck that Stellantis is working on. Ram CEO Mike Koval has been enthusiastic about creating a new option for America. 

Mike shared that Ram has been actively and aggressively considering a new truck to slot below the Ram 1500. That sounds like it could be a midsize truck instead of a compact option. Plus, rumors of the Ram Dakota have been floating around. 

The Dakota was the name of a popular midsize Dodge truck before Ram became its own brand. The Rampage was the name of a unibody compact car in the 1980s. 

Something was presented to dealers in March, and the reactions were positive. This could indicate that a project is starting to move forward. It seems to be going hand in hand with the Ram 1500 REV, so don’t be surprised if the midsize truck is electric. 

Stellantis does offer the Jeep Gladiator, but Ram is a separate sub-brand. Plus, the Gladiator is a rugged off-roader. Ram might want to build something with a more refined ride for daily driving. Also, we wouldn’t mind a midsize truck that’s more affordable. 

What else do we know about the Ram Rampage? 

The Ram 1200 on the road
Ram 1200 teaser | Ram

The Ram 1200 Rampage uses the same platform as the Jeep Renegade and Compass. It will have a unibody design, like the Ford Maverick. However, the platform can be stretched to support a longer vehicle, like the Ram Dakota as well. 

It’s expected to use a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine. However, the turbodiesel engine probably won’t be able to meet American emissions standards. Also, utes typically don’t have enough power for American drivers. 

It makes sense for the Ramapage to be spotted here if it’s being codeveloped in North America. But it might not be the small truck we’ve been waiting for. Instead, we might have to wait for the Ram Dakota to surface. Stay tuned for the latest updates.