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Pickups are so popular that they spawn their own offshoots. Some, like these Ferrari, BMW, and Porsche cars converted into pickup trucks, might make the purists cringe. But every time we see one, they’re usually proportioned and finished well. We scoured the interweb to score some fantastic sports and touring cars converted into pickups that we think you’ll agree are as good or better than the cars they were hacked up from. 

Porsche pickups

For some reason, Porsche and BMW seem to cultivate these truck conversions. Why? We don’t know. But they’re fantastic transformations done by some legendary craftsmen like Troutman and Barnes in Los Angeles. We’ve also thrown in one 356 delivery van conversion because it is just so great looking. 

Corvette conversions

You would expect there would be plenty of examples of hacked-up Corvettes turned into trucks. With their fiberglass bodies and familiarity with gearheads, these prolific sports cars can be had for cheap once wrecked. That makes them the perfect choice for pickup shenanigans. There were limited station wagon conversions for Corvettes, including from Callaway, so they’re officially fair game for converting.

Audi pickup

We could only find one Audi conversion, with the exception of the kits available for A4s. This is a 1990s A8, and it also is a great choice to start with. Why? Because these A8 bodies are made from aluminum. So new panels made from aluminum sheets are easy to form and shrink. In this case, the owner glued the new panels onto the Audi, which is just what the factory did. 

Mustang Mustero pickups

The Mustang is such an obvious choice that there was a company converting them into pickup trucks in the 1960s. We’ve shown a couple of those. But the intriguing one is the rather poor shot of the 1965 fastback made into a pickup. Though no other images could be found, we expect that from the side you can’t tell there is a pickup bed where the trunk should be. 

Jaguar conversions

A 1980s XJ went under the knife resulting in this nicely done conversion. And the wood trimming reminds us of old woodys, which looks to be carried over into the bed. We also included the XKE hearse from the movie Harold and Maude because it is such an iconic Jag conversion.

BMW trucks

As we said, BMWs converted into pickups are more prevalent than you would think. We only lifted the ones we liked the best, but there are more if you dig around. We especially like the simple conversion of the green 2002. Like most of these, the goal is to make it look as factory-like as possible.

Ferrari 412 pickup

412 Ferrari V12 pickup conversion | Facebook

We could only find this 412 converted, and that kind of makes sense. The 412, though we love them, are the least favorite of Ferrari fans. Also, their 1980s square styling and three-box design lend themselves to making a pickup

Mercedes-Benz pickups

More of a touring car than a sports car, nonetheless the C- and S-Class Mercedes are not normally considered truck-like. Yet they lend themselves well to this type of conversion, and there are plenty of them out there.


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