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As the first day of fall is behind us, and that basically means it is Halloween, why wouldn’t this free car have a dead body in it? When this used car appeared on the side of the road next to a junkyard with a “free car” sign on it, no one suspected anything out of the ordinary. Until the body was discovered in the trunk.

This free car came with a little more than bargained for

This free car also came with a free dead body
This free car also came with a free dead body | James D. Morgan/Getty Images

According to WLBT in Mississippi, Copiah County Sheriff Byron Swilley confirmed that a body was found inside a vehicle. According to the report from Sheriff Swilley, two men found a car with a “free car” sign on it. The car had the keys inside, and the men decided to take the “free car” for a spin. Upon arriving at a family member’s hope shortly after, the men discovered a dead body in the trunk.

The Copiah County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the body belonged to 34-year-old Anthony Mccrillis. Though it isn’t clear what happened yet, the body of Mccrillis appeared to have been in the vehicle for a few days. He did not have any clothing on at the time of discovery.

Byram Police Chief David Errington said that The police identified the body through tattoos. It was then confirmed through his family.

The victim has been identified but the crime has not been solved

Errington noted that the “free car” mobile crime scene was seen in the local area in the past few days. This includes Byram, Copiah County, and Jackson, Mississippi. The police do not yet know when the crime occurred or where, but that will hopefully be determined soon. The Byram Police are taking the lead on the investigation until it is determined which jurisdiction the crime took place in. One officer spotted the car on the side of a local road at 9:30 AM last Saturday. The free car sign was not visible, and the office didn’t note if it was on the vehicle at that time.

“It stayed there all day long for sure until 6 PM. Saturday night, it was still seen by another employee from the junkyard,” Errington told WLBT. Dan Peacock, the junkyard manager, said he noticed the car on Saturday, but it was gone on Sunday when he arrived. Peacock said he figured someone was coming to sell the vehicle to the junkyard, and it died before making it on the lot. “If I had stopped and looked at it, I would’ve probably tripped. I would’ve probably flipped out if I had stopped and seen something like that,” Peacock told the news.

The investigation into this Halloween horror is ongoing

Errington confirmed that the victim was seen alive not that long ago. There is home surveillance footage of him at 9 PM on Friday. That gives the police a better timeline of when the crime occurred. At the time of discovery, the body had no apparent signs of trauma. The police plan to get the victim’s car in to process the crime scene in the car. An autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of death.

It isn’t clear yet, but it would not have been reported stolen if the car belonged to the victim. In this case, there would have been no reason to suspect foul play with a car sitting on the side of the road. Who wrote “free car” on the vehicle and left it on the side of the road? Police want to know the answer to that question too.


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