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One man in Australia tossed car safety to the wind when he was caught on the hood of his car, going 73 miles an hour. The Ford Ute was captured on camera as the car sped down the road with driver and passenger imbibing in some beverages. Police in Australia asked the public for help identifying the vehicle, which it was able to do.

The Ford Ute was speeding with a man on the hood, drinking a beer

A man was seen drinking beer on the hood of a Ford Ute
A man was seen drinking beer on the hood of a Ford Ute | Newscast/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

9 News Australia says that a man was caught on the hood of a car on a surveillance camera. The Ford Ute appeared to be traveling at speeds of 73 mph (119 km/h), and it looked like the man had a beer in his hand. The situation happened on October 23 in Gabbadah, Perth. The man on the hood doesn’t seem concerned with the situation as he casually sips on his beer bottle.

Another person is driving the Ute truck that seems just as unconcerned. The second man has his arm out the window and appears to be holding a beer bottle as well. Since the video is so clear, the plates on the Ute can be made out. Police asked anyone with information to reach out. The plate reads “ZKG 264.”

Surveilance cameras caught the Ford Ute driving down the road late at night

There doesn’t appear to be anyone else on the road, which is good news for the driver and passenger. According to the news, the ZKG 264 plate belongs to another vehicle that reported the plate as stolen. After reaching out to the public for help, the Western Australia Police identified the driver and the man on the hood of the Ute.

The road rules in the area indicate that the man could get a $200 fine for his antics. The police stated that the group was able to identify the men involved and the vehicle relatively quickly. The Ute sedan truck is a popular vehicle but not so popular that the police couldn’t identify this one.

This car has seen a surge in popularity recently


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The term “Ute” actually comes from the terms “utility” or “coupé utility,” as seen above. These days, it is more of a catch-all phrase for vehicles like the Ford Ute, Holden Ute, and Toyota Hilux. In fact, Ford recently released the True Blue Ute Ranger. It comes in two different options. The first option comes with a cab chassis that offers “reliability, versatility, and flexibility to suit all work needs.” The second styleside box is described as “all about style and performance with an unmistakable road presence.”

Like the 2022 Ford Maverick, vehicles are America’s answer to the Ute, but it isn’t quite the same. Small pickup trucks are having a moment, but nothing like the Ute is in the market for now. Perhaps Ford will see the success of the Maverick and try one out.