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The bottle cap challenge is the latest internet craze. The idea of the challenge is to videotape yourself kicking a cap off a bottle. Basically, we’ve gone from watching bad car commercials for fun to watching celebrities make fools of themselves.

There have been some really good ones posted by popular celebrities such as Blake Shelton, Mariah Carey, and even a Stormtrooper. While all of these have been good, for our money, we think some drivers are the clear winners of the bottle cap challenge. Even some vehicles, such as a McLaren, got in on the challenge.

Arttu Stenberg

Arrttu Stenberg got a nice assist from his bike. The freestyle rider slowly approached a bottle of Jack Daniels and used the rear tire of his bike to remove the bottle cap.

The choreography was lovely, the video was nice and clear, and the bike was expertly handled. Perhaps the most impressive part was how not a single drop of whiskey was lost during the filming.

Roma Burunduk

Roma Burunduk, who blogs under the name Rolling Moto, took the bottle cap challenge to a new level. Instead of using a typical bottle, he opted to use his foot to kick the fuel tank cap off his bike.

It’s a truly awesome video that is shot in slow motion until the very end where Burunduk celebrates his successful kick at regular speed. Watching the fuel tank cap fall is mesmerizing. 

The McLaren P1

The McLaren promotions department saw the bottle cap challenge as the perfect opportunity to get some good PR for the plug-in hybrid sports car, the McLaren P1.

One of the vehicle’s features is a massive wing on the back of the vehicle. The video features the McLaren P1 spinning around its front end and using the fin to neatly remove the top from a bottle of champagne. The video is no less impressive because it’s CGI. It’s a quick and simple promotion that makes the McLaren look fun to drive.

The McLaren P1 was designed to appeal to the eco-conscious driver of luxury and sports cars. The hybrid vehicle is equipped with a 3.8-liter 727-hp V-8 engine. It has a 177-hp electric motor.

The suspension is hydro-pneumatic, and the steering has electro-hydraulically assistance. The wing that neatly removed the cap from the champagne bottle extends about 12 inches.

It’s not going to be a vehicle you commonly see zipping down the highway. Only 375 of the vehicles were made and each one has already been sold.

Other successful attempts Bottle Cap Challenges

BJ Baldwin, who is famous for his various off-road adventures was so impressed with the video that he attempted to recreate it using one of his monster trucks, he cleverly captioned the Instagram post as “when the cap is too tight!” The result was a video of some very impressive driving.

The bottle cap challenge perfectly illustrates how both drivers and car manufacturers can use a silly internet game to really enhance their brand image.

In the case of both BJ Baldwin and Arttu Stenberg they managed to use the challenge to showcase their brilliant driving. We think they should be able to use to help them attract sponsors. Roma Burunduk used the challenge to feature his personality and out-of-the-box thinking, something that will help attract followers and allow him to build his brand. The McLaren P1 challenge got people talking about the exclusive vehicle.

There’s no telling what challenge will blow up the internet in the future, but it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that it will be lots of fun and provide drivers and hopefully vehicle manufacturers with another opportunity to showcase their skills.