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The new Rimac Nevara all-electric hypercar has shattered international speed records for hypercar performance. The car hasn’t just beat everything else available, it shattered 23 performance records in one day. It is now the undisputed 0 to 249-mph champion, and proves it can brake quicker, go faster, and so much more.

What records did the new Rimac Nevera shatter?

The Nevara is a Croatian built all-electric supercar. It takes advantage of so much new technology, we’d probably need an electrical engineering degree to explain it all. But, the numbers, which Rimac says are verified by both the FIA (which regulates Formula 1) and Guinness, speak for themselves. Some of the more important numbers from a day of testing include:

  • 0-60 mph: 1.74 seconds, the quickest ever, just beating the Tesla Model S Plaid
  • In just 95 feet, it can hit 100 KPH, or 62 mph. That’s less than 1/3 of a football field
  • Quarter mile time of 8.2 seconds, which is more than a second faster than a Bugatti Chiron
  • It has a 258 mph top speed

The records were set at the Automotive Testing Papenburg facility in Germany. All acceleration records were completed with a standard one-foot rollout (which is standard) and equipped with road-legal Michelin Cup 2 R tires on non-prepped asphalt, Rimac said.

What is the new Rimac Nevera?

The Rimac Nevera testing numbers
Rimac Nevera testing specs | Rimac

We wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of the Rimac Nevera. This hypercar comes from a Croatian firm started by 35-year-old Mate Rimac and it uses some wild tech. But it looks like like a proper exotic hypercar, yet seems to have Toyota reliability, even under extreme testing situations. It uses a one-piece monocoque chassis like a Formula 1 car, and a pair of electric motors at each axle make a stunning 1,813 horsepower, which is about a Porsche Boxster more power than a Bugatti Chiron.

The Nevara is also a relative bargain for this much speed, considering that it sells for $2.2 million, while a (slower) Bugatti sells for twice that. It also seems practical, considering it has a 205-mile range (though not at top speed), DC fast charging, and a luxurious interior. The future is coming, and it looks like the Rimac Nevera. Rimac will only make 150 of these cars.

This could bode well for the future of Bugatti electric cars

A new Rimac Nevera doing high speed testing in Germany
The new Rimac Nevera during high-speed testing | Rimac

Though it’s easy to say, “I’d rather buy a Nevera than a Bugatti for speed,” the Nevara isn’t a Bugatti competitor. Instead, the tech that this car brings is likely to show up in the next generation of electric Bugatti supercars. We won’t get into Bugatti’s complicated ownership history here, however Rimac now owns 55% of Bugatti, alongside Porsche.

Thanks to that ownership structure, we think Bugattti is in good hands. Bugatti said the next generation of its cars will be electric. It will be hard to beat the company’s nuclear powered W-16 motors that have four turbos and massive intercoolers. But, if the next Bugattis get Rimac power, and access to Bugatti and Porsche engineers, the future of the Molsheim-based company’s cars seems secure.


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