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Close up of a chrome Jeep logo on a silver car.
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What Song Is Playing in the ‘Jeep | Life Electrified’ Commercial?

Everyone's talking about the new Jeep commercial featuring plans for an electric future. The commercial introduces revolutionary EV advancements for the future of Jeep's portfolio of vehicles. Adding to the ad's allure, the song that plays throughout brings an element of familiarity to the whole Jeep experience. What song is it, and who sings it?

Have you ever watched a commercial that just stuck with you? One of those ads that don’t prompt you to “skip” because it’s so engaging? Everyone’s talking about one such commercial featuring Jeep‘s plans for an electric future. If you haven’t watched it, you should.

The commercial introduces revolutionary EV advancements for the future of the brand’s portfolio of vehicles. Adding to the ad’s allure, the song that plays throughout brings an element of familiarity to the whole Jeep experience. What song is that, and who sings it?

Celebrating 80 iconic years of Jeep

Close up of a chrome Jeep logo on a silver car.
Jeep logo | Getty Images

Stellantis North America recently shared news of an iconic milestone for the Jeep brand. It was 1941 when Jeep first launched a military partner. And that makes this year its 80th anniversary. The company is introducing an electric “present and future” with a new commercial that promises big EV advancements over the next several years to commemorate the rich and successful history.

Automaker officials are looking to enhance the brand’s presence in the SUV market and plan to do so with electric and EV lineups. Jeep will be expanding the portfolio to include new segments, including the premium SUV space with an entirely new Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer. Other exciting contributions include an all-new Grand Cherokee with plug-in-hybrid 4xe technology. And the company roadmap aims to have a fully electric, zero-emission Jeep in every segment by 2025. To help visualize just how “electrified” its future will be, the company launched this new commercial that has everyone talking and speculating.

The latest commercial has everyone talking

If you haven’t tuned to see this commercial on YouTube, it’s worth a watch. It depicts a young couple going through life’s milestones with their respective jeeps, from the first date to a baby announcement. But throughout their many adventures, Jeep introduces the future of electric, off-road models. With ruggedly remote charging stations to autonomous off-road driving capability, the company is planning some pretty amazing EV experiences in the coming years. 

While you’re watching the drone compatible Jeep or the biometric scan technology from behind the wheel, you’ll hear the song, “Give Me the Future.” The lyrics alone seem to work perfectly with the big picture idea behind Jeep’s plan for the future. And that voice might sound familiar as well. 

If you’re wondering who sings the song in the commercial, you’ll likely recognize the band. According to All Music, Bastille is a popular group, with several chart-toppers in their discography. The band members hail from London, and their music genre tends to be alternative/indie. The band released three albums, Bad Blood, Wild World, and Doom Days.

What electric pursuits can consumers expect from Jeep?


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Some of the new technology Jeep promises to explore over the next several years is groundbreaking. Electric charging stations in remote locations are just the start. Jeep vehicles will soon be able to charge from other Jeeps, pair with drones for increased visibility, and feature biometric tech.

The commercial also shows this couple enjoying outdoor adventures with their autonomous jeeps, capable of coming and going without a driver. There are smart tires for improved crawling capability, drone pairing, and fully reclining seats for the best panoramic views. These enhancements won’t happen overnight, but CNBC says the automaker has 4xe plans for the Jeep Wrangler starting this year.

This latest Jeep commercial is creating a buzz because of the technology the company plans to embrace in the future when it comes to EV. The commercial also resonates because of the song, so perfectly sung Bastille. The combination might have you thinking about exploring your own Jeep adventures in the future, complete with electric and zero-emissions capabilities.