SONDORS: Is the $5000 Metacycle Electric Bike Durable Enough to Be a Daily Driver?

SONDORS, known for its electric bicycles, also offers an exciting EV: the Metacycle electric motorcycle. The Metacycle has a lot going for it already, and SONDORS is doing everything it can to ensure its riders will be satisfied with their purchase for years to come. Want to know more about this exciting entry into the electric motorcycle market?

Yellow SONDORS electric bike on a beach with a man holding it up.
SONDORS electric bike | Getty Images

The Metacycle is an impressively affordable EV option

Electrek recently shared the news that SONDORS would soon be making its Metacycle electric motorcycle available for delivery. This highly anticipated bike has several things going for it, not the least of which is its price.

At only $5,000, the Metacycle is far cheaper than basically any other electric motorcycle available. That price clocks in at less than a quarter of what the most well-known EV bikes, such as the Zero S/F and LiveWire One, cost. This makes the Metacycle the first highway-capable electric motorcycle in the United States, considered affordable for the average person. 

Of course, at that price, you can’t necessarily expect quite the same level of performance that you get from the Metacycle’s higher-priced cousins. For example, it won’t go more than 80 mph, and it has a maximum range of 80 miles. 

On the bright side, though, the Metacycle features an approximately 50 lb (23 kg) removable battery with 4 kWh of capacity. An auxiliary battery will be provided as well. Optional accessories include a faster Level 2 charger for using public charging stations or a storage compartment. SONDORS is doing everything it can to ensure that its customers have a good experience with the Metacycle. 

SONDORS emphasizes durability testing

SONDORS is putting the Metacycle through quite a battery of durability tests to ensure customer satisfaction for years to come. This way, customers can trust that they can use their new EV motorcycle daily to meet their commuter needs. 

SONDORS boasts that the Metacycle is undergoing what it refers to as continuous “Accelerated Durability Testing.” The testing involves simulating accelerated wear and tear, and according to the manufacturer, “The motor and controller are rocking out 9,000 problem-free miles per day, accurately simulating hours and hours of real-world driving.”

All of this testing has now added up to over 300,000 miles for the Metacycle’s drivetrain without the development of any significant issues. In addition, the bike’s battery has gone through over 1,000 charge and discharge cycles, with no mishaps reported. 


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SONDORS offers a variety of electric bikes

SONDORS has been in business since 2015, offering a wide variety of electric bikes at relatively affordable prices. The company has now sold its products to over 100,000 customers and continues to grow every day.  

The company’s more traditional electric bikes, as opposed to the Metacycle motorcycle, range from $1,699 to $3,399. The two most inexpensive electric bike models that SONDORS produces are the FOLD X and the X, both of which offer a 40-60 mile range, a 500-watt motor, and 20+ mph capability.

At the other end of the spectrum is the ROCKSTAR, which carries the highest price tag of the bicycle lineup. While its range is similar to the two previous models mentioned, it features a 750-watt motor and speeds topping 28 mph. This isn’t exactly a speed that will have you cruising to work down the highway every day, but it can undoubtedly make biking up hills and a more pleasant, less tiring experience on short jaunts.