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Hello! And welcome to Hell. I mean, 2022, where we are daily met with new horrors. If the Russian attack on Ukraine wasn’t enough to stress us all out, check out this little doozy. In a world where Halloween is every day now, we shouldn’t be too surprised to learn that someone stole a box of severed human heads from a medical delivery truck in Denver, Colorado, late last week.

Graphic describing the grissly theft of a box of multiple human heads
A graphic from The Late Show | YouTube via The Late Show

This double whammy has many of the 2022 hits; automotive theft, piles of body parts, and an inexplicable, strange crime that leaves us saying, “Welp. I guess that seems about right.” 

“What’s in the box?!?!?” 

Severed human heads. That’s right. Multiple human heads in one box. According to Denver police, the truck was broken into around 11 am last Thursday morning. The medical truck that was broken into was transporting human body parts for medical research. 

If stealing a box of severed human heads wasn’t terrifying enough, CBS8 News made sure to report that these human remains weren’t stored in some kind of fancy medical box. Nope, the heads were in a blue and white cardboard box with only “science Care” written along its side. I’m not completely sure why, but for some reason, knowing the heads were in a cardboard box makes the story all the more upsetting. 

Why was there a box of human heads in the first place? 


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CBS 8 mentions that Science Care is a company that specializes in donating human remains for medical research. These cadavers ( or, at least, parts of cadavers) are invaluable to furthering many fields of research. Despite the company’s helpful mission, there are a few strange things going on here, you know, besides the stolen heads thing. 

“Pretty shocking. I guess I don’t see too many strange things happening around here usually, but you know you never know,” said Isaac Fields, a local resident who moved to Denver’s Central Park neighborhood about three years ago. “Wow! I would have been so terrified.” 

After expressing some bewilderment about where this delivery truck was headed and why it was in this Denver Suburb, he realized and said, “Well, my wife does Ph.D. research at the University of Colorado Anschutz. So cadavers are utilized in certain situations. And I’m assuming that was probably the case,” he said. 

We didn’t think car theft had got this bad

The police confirmed that the heads were in transit to a medical research facility but couldn’t share any more info as the case is still active. But if a medical delivery truck carrying human remains isn’t safe from theft, then what is? 

One of many pressing questions surrounding this bizarre situation is why this truck was parked in the suburbs unattended? If the contents were meant for medical research, wouldn’t stopping and leaving the truck parked on the side of the road in the suburbs feel like a strange to do? 

The other obvious question here is, what the Hell does the thief plan to do with the human remains? Or did the thief even know what the truck was transporting? Let’s just hope the second question is closer to the truth. No arrests have been made, so we are left to wonder.