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I assume lifting a dirty car cover to find a Ferrari has to be one of the most exciting feelings ever. Imagine lifting the dusty cover, and not only do you find a Ferrari but a red Ferrari Testarossa. That’s a fairy tale. Well, this tale has come true, sort of. 

Ferrari Testarossa in red sitting abandoned under a car cover
Ferrari Testarossa | mage courtesy of Artcurial

What happens if you find an abandoned Ferrari Testarossa? 

According to Silodrome, a 1989 Ferrari Testarossa was abandoned in a parking deck for over 20 years after its owner died in 2012. 

This amazing Ferrari was parked and covered with only 22,000 km (13,000 miles) on the clock. In the most Ferrari sentence ever written, the last time the previous owner drove it was on a trip to Saint-Tropez in 2003. It has been sitting covered ever since. The deceased owner’s family has finally decided to sell the iconic supercar to the highest bidder. 

Is the Ferrari Testarossa the best Ferrari? 

I would never be so bold as to name the greatest Ferrari model, but I think it’s fair to say that the Testarossa might well be the most iconic supercar from the ’80s. I only say “might” because of the Lamborghini Countach and the Ferrari F40. that said, the Testarossa belongs right there with them. 

The Testarossa is yet another blockbuster design by the legendary Pininfarina. According to Silodrome, the design consisted of Ian Cameron, Guido Campoli, Diego Ottina, and Emanuele Nicosia, all working under the watchful eye of veteran designer Leonardo Fioravanti. 

The red wedge was partly designed to fix the lack of headroom and luggage space in the 512 BB. While it did this easily, its low, wide stance and V12 didn’t hurt too bad either. After its debut at the 1984 Paris Auto Show, the Ferrari Testarossa almost immediately became a hit for the Italians. The car was such a hit that it stayed in production from 1984 to 1996. In that time, Silodrome says Ferrari sold over 10,000 units, making it one of the highest-selling models in the company’s history. 

Who abandons a Ferrari Testarossa? 

As we mentioned, the owner died in 2012, leaving the car in a parking deck. The owner’s family allowed the car to sit for nearly 20 years. This would explain the insanely low mileage on this ’80s supercar. 

Why the owner left the Testarossa sitting from 2003 until 2012 is a mystery, although he reportedly also had a Porsche 911 Speedster that he loved. Maybe he just drove the Porsche instead of the Ferrari? Sounds pretty nice. 

Either way, the results of his miserly Ferrari usage leave us with a very-low mileage supercar that is sure to leave bidders foaming at the mouth. Despite its low mileage and car cover, 20 years of sitting is rarely kind to machines. This Ferrari will surely need a full going over, but the result should be a monster car. The sale will be held through Artcurial Le Mans Classic Sale in early July. To learn more, check the listing here.


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