Some Nissan Juke Owners Might Snag Some Class Action Lawsuit Money

Warranties are meant to give us some sense of peace. They are meant to assure us that if there is an issue with an item, the company will take care of the said issue. This is not usually how these things work, though. Warranties often cost extra money and can create stress around buying something like a car. We are afraid that there is some fine print we aren’t aware of and are somehow being taken advantage of. Well, that is exactly what is alleged in this Nissan Juke class action lawsuit. 

The devil is in the details

According to CarCompplaints, the lawsuit says Nissan failed to specify which car parts should be classified under the California emissions system warranty regulations as high-cost emissions parts. All parts that fall into that category are covered under California’s emission warranty regulation for seven years and 70,000 miles. 

How is the Nissan Juke involved?

CarComplaints quotes the actual text of the Nissan class action lawsuit: “All persons in California who, within the last four years, have been owners or lessees of Nissan MY 2011 through MY 2017 Juke vehicles and who have paid for repairs and parts for the fuel pump that should have been covered under Nissan’s ‘high-priced warranted parts’ 7-year 70,000-mile California emissions warranty.”

Nissan Juke model car on exhibition
Nissan Juke model car on exhibition | Sefa Karacan/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Nissan driver’s claim that Nissan has refused to honor these parts’ warranty by over limiting the parts that should be covered under said warranty. Specifically, Nissan Juke owners complain that Nissan is limiting the high-cost warrantied parts like the fuel pump. 

CarComplaints reports that Nissan Juke owners and lessees have been on the hook for paying for replacing the fuel pumps on their own dimes. California dealerships have incorrectly said that the fuel pumps don’t fall under the warrantied emissions parts. 

California’s Code of Regulations begs to differ

CarComplaints goes on to say that California’s Code of Regulations is clear on how it defines which parts Nissan should cover under warranty. The Code clearly states that “A ‘warranted part’ is defined as, ‘any part installed on a motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine by the vehicle or engine manufacturer, or installed in a warranty repair, which affects any regulated emission from a motor vehicle or engine which is subject to California emission standards.'” 

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Basically, the code says car parts included due to the state’s emissions regulations are covered. If a part affects emissions in any way, or upon failure, can send a warning light to the dash are all considered parts covered under warranty. 

Further allegations against Nissan

The lawsuit further alleges that Nissan purposefully omitted all the lesser parts covered by the three-year or 35,000-mile warranty out of the warranty booklets. Nissan also omitted the high-price warranty parts that should be covered by the seven-year and 70,000-mile warranty. 

Next steps to get paid

So, if you had a 2011-2017 Nissan Juke and had to pay for a fuel pump in California, check out the class action lawsuit and see if you qualify for a piece of the pie. 

CarComplaints reports, “The Nissan class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California – Western Division: Harris, et al., v. Nissan North America, Inc., et al. The plaintiffs are represented by Pomerantz LLP, and the Law Office of Robert L. Starr.”