So Flo 6-Wheel Gladiator: The Ultimate Custom Jeep?

Another day, another custom Jeep. But might this 6-wheel Gladiator be the ultimate custom Jeep? And double wheels in the back don’t even get our attention. It’s the radical front end. Is that apocalyptic or what? But in a good way. Or not. Anyway, the whole presentation between the muted black paint and red halos around the headlights is crazy. Then you take in the Gladiator extreme lift and dual rear wheels; it’s a feast for the eyes. Or not. It’s the So Flo Jeep Gladiator.

Everyone expects a Hellcat under the hood of the So Flo Gladiator

Where else but in South Florida would something like this be conjured up? In fact, it is in the name: So Flo Jeeps. And you can’t even see the other outrageous part of this build. Under the hood is a 6.2-liter LS3 V8. Call it blasphemy but we like it. Everyone expects a Hellcat under the hood of something like this. So the engine everyone loves to hate has found a safe haven powering this apocalyptic Gladiator.

The first order of business is to take a new Gladiator and cut it in half to lengthen the frame for the extra rear axle. A nine-inch Ford rearend is added with a Detroit Truetrac Locker. It now becomes a full-time six-wheel drive monster.

Diesel is popular and adds $10,000 to the So Flow Gladiator’s bottom line

Next up is the five-inch lift and Falcon Steering stabilizer for some semblance of suspension control. For power, you can get just about anything as the LS3 would indicate. Diesel is popular and adds an additional $10,000 to the bottom line. What’s the bottom line? For the LS3 it’s $140,000 and with the diesel a cool $150,000. 

So Flo says the Gladiator conversion makes for an unstoppable Jeep to “conquer not just the interstate but also the unique and challenging terrains discovered when off-roading.” So Flo continues with the stabilizers that “allow a driver to effortlessly hit 90 mph on the highway and not be all over three lanes.” We can relate to that.

The unique, custom front end is a steel “Grumper” complete with a winch

This particular conversion rides on six 38” inch Patagonia tires with 15 ½ inch wide, center riding tread. Falcon Steering Stabilizer improves the steering and road feel ideal for everyday use. That unique, custom front end is a steel Grumper complete with a winch ideal for grappling. Stylish custom fenders, as well as a Custom Roll Cage “gives it that perfect profile, while the handmade truck-bed can handle whatever you throw at it.”

LED headlights and those color-changing Halo lights add a bit of South Florida wherever it calls home. Lightbars throughout the interior and rock lights on the undercarriage make the whole suspension glow. They’re operated by an easy to use custom switch panel next to the dash. 

Power steps are activated as soon as a door is opened to allow for easy ingress and egress


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All doors and the entire top is removable, while power steps are activated as soon as a door is opened to allow for easy ingress and egress. Inside it doesn’t get any better with an all hand-stitched, Marine Grade weather-resistant leather interior.

Finally, a three-part epoxy, scratch-resistance coating is mixed with Kevlar fiber to create a resilient, hardcover. It’s 1/16 of an inch thick. In total 20 gallons of this special material are blown over the body surfaces. including over its massive and completely usable pick-up bed. This eliminates the need for waxing or buffing. Just hit it with a power washer then hit the road.