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The Smart Car is one of the smallest cars available. The German-made electric vehicles strip away all the luxury of the average vehicle and get straight down to business. They’re especially convenient for parking in large crowded cities. Even Shaq drove one! Now the German company is switching things up and making a crossover. Here are the Smart concept #1 crossover features that have been revealed thus far.

Meet the Smart Concept #1, Smart’s first-ever crossover

The Smart Concept #1 electric crossover vehicle is displayed. Its black front fascia is dimly lit by a light blue LED lights.
The Smart Concept #1 | Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images

Smart is a subdivision of Daimler that has actually existed since 1994. The Smart Car that consumers are familiar with today didn’t hit the United States until 2008. The Smart Fortwo small electric car sold close to 25,000 units in its first year in the U.S. market. Today, Smart Cars in the U.S. are rare. The car isn’t seen often, but when it is, most wonder what it’s like to drive a vehicle so small.

To the average consumer, the Smart Car’s greatest appeal is its low purchase cost, ownership cost, and its ability to fit into just about any parking space. Now, according to Motor1, the company is launching a crossover to compete with other electric crossovers and SUVs. Daimler and automotive company Geely Global are trying to breathe new life into Smart with the addition of this crossover.

The Smart Concept #1 is easily the automaker’s largest vehicle despite the crossover still being small compared to other vehicles in its class. Smart Car sales have dwindled. The Smart Concept #1 may be the company’s last-ditch effort to save itself by offering a vehicle with more utility.

How big is the new Smart Concept #1 crossover?

A silver Smart Concept #1 electric crossover vehicle driving on the road.
The Smart Concept #1 | Smart Europe

The Smart Concept #1 is predictably smaller than most crossovers on the market. The crossover is 168.9 inches long (14ft), 75.1 inches wide (6ft), and 67 inches tall (5.5ft). The crossover is comparable to the Mini Countryman subcompact luxury crossover.

The Smart Car Fortwo is about 106 inches long (9ft), 70 inches wide (6ft), and 61 inches high (5ft). The Smart Concept #1 crossover is 5 feet longer than the Smar Car Fortwo but roughly has the same width and height as the vehicle. What does this mean? The Smart Concept #1 crossover is essentially a longer Smart Car Fortwo with upgraded tech and a nicer cabin.

For reference, the Smart Concept #1 is only 4.8 inches longer and 3 inches wider than Honda’s smallest compact car, the Honda Fit. Still, by Smart standards, the crossover is pretty innovative as far as size. The real question is, will consumers actually want a Smart crossover when part of Smart’s appeal was its ability to squeeze into tight spaces.

Will anyone actually buy the Smart Concept #1 ?

The interior of a Smart Concept #1 electric crossover vehicle. The roof of the vehicle is made of transparent glass. There is a bright blue highlight around the seats and dashboard.
The Smart Concept #1 interior | Smart Europe

Smart no longer offers its new models in America, so China and Europe will be the ones who decide whether this Smart crossover was actually a smart idea or not. Considering that it won’t be sold in the U.S., the crossover could do very well in the crowded cities of other countries. The Smart Concept #1 also offers several design features that the Smart Car ForTwo could never hope to fit.

The Smart Concept #1 crossover features a glass roof. The crossover includes a huge 12.8-inch modern infotainment system. Its futuristic cabin is the highlight of the vehicle. The Smart Concept #1 uses interior lighting and unique headrests to create an innovative aesthetic that almost seems fit for electric Mercedes-Benz models. It appears to have suicide doors though that feature may be exclusive to its unveiling. The Smart Concept #1 electric crossover is ready to shake things up for Smart and the small electric vehicle market.


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