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The Hummer EV has become quite the success story for General Motors. As a massive electric truck, it marks the return of the Hummer brand in the United States. And apparently, GM isn’t stopping there with this nameplate. Rumors have been circulating that there could soon be a mid-size truck from Hummer. Meaning there might be a new American pickup truck competitor for the Ford Ranger. 

Is there a small Hummer?

Right now, there is no small Hummer model on the market. If you are familiar with Hummer trucks, you likely know that these vehicles are anything but small. In the past, the brand did have the Hummer H3 and Hummer H3T, but even those were fairly large. It is possible that GM does have plans to launch a mid-size truck under the Hummer brand. Although GMC spokesman Mikhael Farah did not comment on the project. 

The new Hummer EV is not cheap, and it is certainly not small. Certain models will sell for over six figures. With a mid-size truck, Hummer could offer something more affordable. And possibly something that is better equipped for handling daily use. 

A small Hummer truck might be based on the GM Ultium platform

Because no details have been confirmed, we are left to speculate. But the GM Ultium platform would make sense. The Ultium platform would allow this pickup to borrow powertrains from other vehicles. Even making this mid-size truck electric, much like its bigger brother the Hummer EV. 

GMC Hummer EV In the Forest, an electric truck from GM.
GMC Hummer EV In the Forest | GMC

Of course, a mid-size Hummer truck does not necessarily have to be electric. It could be a plug-in hybrid or use a traditional gasoline engine. But as GM ramps up its EVs, including the Chevy Silverado EV, it would make sense that it continues to capitalize on its efforts. 

Can you buy a Hummer EV?

Unfortunately, if you want a Hummer EV right now, you are too late. Orders for this electric truck are currently full. Which is a reflection of supply chain constraints and just how popular GM’s new pickup is. According to Carscoops, over 90,000 orders have already been placed. 

Although this electric truck is not cheap, it is extremely capable. Plus, it benefits from the Hummer name. Because of that, it seems like plenty of folks are willing to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to actually ordering one. 

Will Hummer make a small pickup truck?

It is unclear whether or not GM will give Hummer a mid-size truck. But, it would make sense if it did. Having a smaller truck would allow Hummer to compete with models like the Ford Ranger, which is a fairly popular pickup for many buyers. 

GMC Hummer EV front end. Could there be a Hummer mid-size truck?
GMC Hummer EV | Emily Elconin via Getty Images

The Ranger is an aging truck. Ford is not expected to bring a new generation until the 2024 model arrives. So a competitor from Hummer could steal away some sales – especially if it offered something like a PHEV powertrain or was even fully electric. 

Perhaps a small Hummer truck could find success in other markets, like in Europe. But until GM and GMC make an official announcement, nothing is set in stone.