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During this age of COVID-19, vacationing with a camper van or an RV is a very popular hobby. With so many folks buying and using a camper van for the first time, they can make a lot of beginner mistakes. Here’s a look at a few simple things camper van owners can do to make traveling easier and more enjoyable.

What cloths should you be packing for your camping trip?

Like Insider wrote, while your mileage may vary based on what exactly you’re planning on doing with your camper van, picking the proper clothes will almost always be a good idea.

For example, Insider recommended finding clothes that were “lightweight, quick-drying, SPF-infused, and convertible.”

Having lightweight clothing will simply be more comfortable for most people, while having clothes that dry quickly will make traveling to rainy places more manageable.

Clothes that have SPF-infused layers will help prevent sunburn, while clothes that are convertible, which means that they can turn into other clothing items, will mean that you won’t need to bring along more clothes. 

It might get pricey finding clothes that can do all of those things and more, but they’re worth the price, according to Zoë Hannah of Insider. Getting high-quality clothes will save space, which means that you’ll have more space to store stuff you need. 

Find the right amount of space in your camper van

That being said, simply having more space can also make traveling in a camper van easier. Of course, how much space your camper van has depends on the make and model, but there are aftermarket options to increase a camper van’s storage space. These storage options will allow you to carry more necessary supplies, as well as stuff that you just want to have with you.

Storage isn’t just important for the camper van itself, either. Like Harrah suggested in the article, buying a good backpack that can carry what you need is also a great idea. The ideal backpack should be large enough to carry what you need it to, but at the same time, it should also be a comfortable backpack since you’ll likely be wearing it for hours on end.

That’s why Insider recommended buying a backpack with hip and sternum straps, as they can take the load off of your shoulders. It could also be a good idea to shop for a backpack in person, since you’ll be able to make sure that it’s a comfortable fit.

Planning ahead never hurt anyone

While many folks take their camper vans to the great outdoors for a simple life, other people will still need to bring their technology along. That said, it’s a balance that many people will have to find.

Like Hannah wrote, some things should be kept simple. Things like your utensils or dishes should be easy-to-clean, and they should be multipurpose as well.

On the other hand, anyone who’s bringing their phones or laptops along will need to have some backup plans. Obviously, electricity and internet aren’t too common in the outdoors, so getting a power bank so that you can charge your devices is imperative.

Furthermore, downloading offline maps as well as bringing paper maps are great ideas in case any of the electronics stop working for whatever reason. 

Overall though, like Insider talked about, planning ahead simply makes the camper van life much easier. Planning out the simple things like what clothes to wear could save you time and money, while planning out the more complicated stuff like the route you’re taking will allow you to prepare properly for your travels ahead.

Having backup plans in case those plans go wrong is also a great idea, so you should plan for those, too.


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