SLP Revives the Yenko Camaro to Battle the Hellcat Horse-for-Horse

Source: SLP

Enthusiasts familiar with Chevrolet Camaros — notably more historic examples — will almost certainly be familiar with the name Yenko. The Pennsylvania-based company was at one point one of the largest automotive custom fabricators in the country, and its bread and butter was the Yenko Camaro, or hotted-up versions of Chevy’s Mustang fighter (though they did some fine work with the Corvair as well).

Though the brick-and-mortar aspect has moved on, the Yenko name lives on, now through a firm called Street Legal Performance, or SLP, which has been offering aftermarket General Motors-based solutions since the 1980s. Its latest creation is a modern take on the old Yenko Camaros, using a 2015 Camaro and adding a few tweaks.

The culmination of SLP’s tinkering results in a 700 horsepower, retro-inspired Camaro that uses a TVS 2300 supercharger to bolster its performance chops. Power is routed through a six speed manual transmission to the rear wheels, and a slew of aerodynamic upgrades ensure that the car stays properly planted so as to allow all that power to do its work effectively.

Yenko door sill plates, Yenko crest exterior body badges, 427 exterior body badges, a flat black painted stock spoiler, and a GM Heritage-Style front grille help complete the exterior appearance, all of which is tied together with a set of five-spoke rims with a gunmetal finish and machined lip.

SLP made good use of GM’s 7.0 liter LS7 V8 (hence the “427” in the name), a hand-built unit that’s been heavily tuned and boosted by the aforementioned supercharger, to produce about 200 more horsepower than the 505 horsepower configuration that the LS7 is in when installed in Chevy’s stock Camaro Z28.

The chief rival, naturally, will be Dodge’s Challenger Hellcat. But while the Hellcat — which has 707 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque on tap — will be available in showrooms nationwide, only 50 examples of the Yenko 427 will be made, according to SLP. So GM enthusiasts looking for some competitive modern-day muscle will want to contact the company ASAP.

SLP’s offering to the jacked-up muscle car pool comes ahead of a high performance version of the Ford Mustang. While there were many on display at SEMA alongside the Yenko, Ford has yet to reveal a factory-made successor to the GT500 that has been remodeled on the 2015 generation. Seeing as the former GT500 produced 662 horsepower, and the standard is quickly becoming comfortable in the 700 horsepower range, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Ford coax a few more horsepowers from its V8 to complete the Big Three trio.

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