Skip the 2020 Honda Passport for the Ford Edge

Buying a new SUV can be expensive, but there are also plenty of affordable options on the market too. Chances are if you are looking to buy a new SUV you want something practical, enjoyable to drive, and reliable. Narrow those choices down with a budget and you might find yourself needing to compromise. With SUV options like the Ford Edge, there are a lot of reasons why even the cheapest base model is great, but there are some more common cars like the Honda Passport that still aren’t worth the price.

Downfalls of the Passport

Honda vehicles are typically known for their reliability, but that is the biggest downfall for the Honda Passport. While the 2020 model year hasn’t had too many problems, the first years in the generation were riddled with frustrating and concerning problems. Combining that with stiff ride quality and unresponsive handling and its easy to see why you might want to skip on this particular SUV.

It also isn’t the most user-friendly vehicle out there. While it does offer a handful of useful safety features on the base model, you have to spend the extra money on higher trim levels to get tech such as blind-spot warning. If you don’t care about these useful features, you might be just as annoyed using the less than intuitive infotainment system.

A Honda Passport AWD Sport is on display at the Chicago Auto Show
The Honda Passport | Bilgin Sasmaz/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Where the Edge succeeds

Of course, there are several different SUV options that excel where the Honda Passport is lacking, but chances are if you are looking at that option you want to stay at around the same price point. That is where the 2020 Ford Edge comes in. Not the most popular SUV in the Ford lineup, it’s easy to see why people might look right past the Edge It’s average styling makes it a modest option, but there are a lot of reasons it could be a good bargain.

A grey 2020 Ford Edge on the track.
2020 Ford Edge | Ford

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Standard safety features

The 2020 Ford Edge might not be the fastest, most impressive vehicle on the market, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot to offer. For around the same price as the Honda Passport, you get a ton of standard safety features that make your daily driving experience even better. This can mean getting a lot of safety features that you’re looking for without even having to pay extra for higher trim levels, and we all love to save as much money as possible.

A new Ford Edge on display at an auto show
A new Ford Edge | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

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On top of the standard safety features, the Ford Edge makes up for the Passports lack in handling. It offers a smoother ride quality and relatively responsive steering. While it won’t keep up with the latest and greatest luxury cars, you won’t be miserable driving it for hours on end.