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Doing a sketchy multi-point turn can really get our heart rates going. However, we don’t often think of these slow-driving maneuvers as something to brag about or as something to do as a stunt, but maybe we should? One YouTuber is making a name for himself by executing terrifying yet slow driving maneuvers, like this u-turn, to prove his nerve and diving skill. 

Man doing a crazy U-turn on the side of cliff
U-turn on the side of a cliff | YouTube Via Driving Skill

A dude does 50-point turn to impress the internet

The proprietor and star of the DrivingSkills YouTube channel just posted a video of himself doing an insane u-turn on a bridge that is barely as wide as the car is long. The Twitter upload became an instant viral hit. 

The stunt in question might be slow, but it was done so methodically and precisely that it demands respect. So much of what makes good racing drivers so fast is precise wheel placement. This is not an easy skill to learn. It takes time, practice, and nerves of steel. 

In his most recent video, our star does a many-pointed turn to bust a u-turn on this bridge in a black; what is that? A Buick? At any rate, in nearly every move, he is pushing the sedan’s wheels over the edge of the bridge, leaving just enough to keep the weight of the car on top and with enough tread to keep traction. However, this being a front-wheel-drive car, he eventually decides just to drop the rear wheels and rely on the powered from wheels. 

Eventually, he tips the car’s weight far enough back as not to have enough weight upfront to get traction. No problem. Our hero gets out of the car and simply lifts the rear up far enough to get traction, and keeps on keepin’ on. 

More than the wheel placement skill, the really impressive part is how many times he is willing to drop a large percentage of his tires (or the whole thing) off the dull edge of the concrete bridge. 

What is the hardest driving skill to master? 

People may jump straight to drifting or racing or some such. To be fair, these are harder for sure, but it’s because they require the mastery of many skills. Being able to control your car’s tire placement by a fraction of an inch is a single skill that is probably harder to master than any other. 

If you look through more of his videos, you’ll find a wide mixture of evidence that this driver is a man of extraordinary control. Some of these videos are a bit riskier than others, but they all play for keeps. 

Can learning car stunts make you a better driver? 

Not usually. Sure, learning to race or drift will teach you better car control and accident avoidance techniques, but the juice is usually not worth the squeeze. Take these u-turns, for example; there is almost no reason to take this kind of risk. Simply backing up would be easier, safer, and more efficient in nearly every scenario. However, that’s not really the point, is it? 

Most of the YouTube commenters are rushing to voice these pointless thoughts in the comments section. However true they might be, it’s kind of like telling a skydiver just to wait until the plane lands. 

These stunts are impressive and anxiety-inducing. The best bet is to simply back up and leave the 50-point turns to the professionals.


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