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None of us should have been surprised when GMC took the wraps off its new Sierra EV truck on Thursday. When Chevy launches a new truck, GMC isn’t far behind with its own version of that truck, usually trimmed in more leather and chrome. Chevy took the wraps off its Silverado EV a few months ago. But, with the new Sierra EV now on the Horizon, it looks like both brands are going after two distinct markets.

Chevy is touting its $40,000 EV Silverado work truck, while GMC is putting its eggs in the Denali trim basket, and looking to get $107,000.

The two are the same, but have distinct styling

The 2023 Chevy Silverado EV is characterized by the flying buttress coming off the back of the cab and meeting the bed, kind of like a 1980s Jaguar. The GMC, on the other hand, ditches those buttresses and instead has a traditional cab. In fact, it looks more like a Rivian R1T from certain angles. They both have large flat grills to signify their EV abilities, and just like with the ICE trucks, the GMC letters and the Chevy bowtie are front and center.

In the preview shots we’ve seen of many of the Silverado RSTs, they have two-tone blue-and-black paint that gives them a 1980s fighter plan feel. The Sierra EV, on the other hand, has only been shown in gray and it looks more subdued. Inside, the Silverado has a horizontal screen, while the GMC has a Tesla-like vertical iPad-like center screen above the console.

What is the new GMC Sierra EV truck?

GMC dropped the details on the new Sierra EV truck, and it looks formidable. At launch, GMC is pulling out all the stops and going full luxury with the new Sierra EV Denali Edition 1. It’s a $107,000 truck that you can reserve today. It has the hottest version of the Ultium platform, which means 754 horsepower, and a 400-mile range. It will, at launch, only come in the Denali Edition 1 trim, which means that it’s a luxury four-door truck with a 5’11’ bed, just like the Silverado.

The first thing you’ll spot on the new 2024 Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 is a new GMC grille that will signify GMC’s new EV trucks. Like the upcoming Chevy Silverado EV truck, the GMC Sierra EV gets the Ultium treatment, which means both trucks ride on the new electric platform. However, with the GMC, the company is making more of the fact that the Ultium platform makes up the frame of the truck and integrates into the body. Since it’s an EV, you also get a frunk that GMC is calling the eTrunk, which has drain holes.

The Silverado gets an Ultium battery platform, too, but not like the Sierra EV’s. At first, anyway. While GMC is going to a fancy dinner, Chevy is going to the job site. The first model that Chevy dealers will get, in the sprint of 2023, will be the Silverado EV WT, or work truck for $39,900. It, too, will have a 400-mile range. In the fall of 2023, the RST First Edition model will debut with a shockingly similar price to Denali’s, at $105,000. That version will get the 754-horsepower pack, too.

The Silverado EV will be first

2024 Chevy Silverado EV Testing Truck
2024 Chevy Silverado EV Testing Truck | Chevrolet

We will get to see the Silverado EV at dealers in the spring of 2023, while we’ll have to wait for 2024 to see the GMC version. Chevy’s order books have been open for several months, while GMC’s just opened on October 20, 2022. While they are targeting different markets to begin with, both brands are planning to address other markets, too.

GMC’s 2025 Sierra EV starts at about $50,000. Other models planned for price points at $50,000, $60,000, $70,000 and $80,000. Both trucks will be able to Crab Walk, or do fancy four-wheel steering pirouettes, according to The Fast Lane Truck.

Could the Sierra EV AT4 preview a ZR2 Chevy?


What’s the Difference Between Chevy and GMC Trucks?

GMC has confirmed that an AT4 trim will come for the 2025 model year. And, usually, when GMC introduces a new truck, you can be sure that Chevy will, too. The Chevy version of the current generation of the AT4 is the ZR2, and both trucks get sophisticated Multimatic shocks. Those shocks will likely need to be tuned for heavy-duty work with these two, however. EVs weigh considerably more than their gas-powered cousins do.