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It’s no secret, the Honda Ridgeline has never really been all that popular. But that does not mean it isn’t a good mid-size truck. The 2023 Ridgeline boasts things like a standard V6 engine and a range of features not found on other pickups. Because of this, if you want a truck that offers a comfortable drive, you should not overlook the 2023 Honda Ridgeline. 

Will the 2023 Honda Ridgeline be redesigned?

Honda updated the Ridgeline in 2021, and the 2023 model continues on with no significant changes. This mid-size truck still comes with standard all-wheel drive and a V6 engine that makes 280 horsepower. Other notable features include a weatherproof cargo area underneath the bed. And that will provide you with additional storage that other pickups don’t offer. It essentially means the Ridgeline is a truck with a trunk. 

A 2023 Honda Ridgeline climbs up a steep hill as a mid-size truck.
Honda Ridgeline | Honda

It is worth mentioning that the 2023 Ridgeline is a unibody mid-size truck. Because of this, it does lack some of the capability that you would find in something like the Nissan Frontier or Toyota Tacoma. At the same time, it does mean the Ridgeline feels pretty comfortable on the road. 

Is the 2023 Ridgeline good off-road?

In terms of off-road capability, the Honda Ridgeline does come up a bit short. It is not body-on-frame, and it utilizes a coil-sprung independent rear suspension. Now, this does mean that you will get a more comfortable ride. But, don’t expect to go rock-crawling with this mid-size pickup. 

A 2023 Honda Ridgeline off-roads with a dirt bike in its bed.
2023 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

Another sacrifice that the Ridgeline makes comes with its towing capacity. When properly equipped, the 2023 Ridgeline can handle up to 5,000 pounds. This puts it on par with something like the Hyundai Santa Cruz. When it comes to payload, Honda’s mid-size truck can haul nearly 1,600 lbs. 

The bed of this pickup does offer some perks. Because it is fairly wide, you can fit 4×8 building material in it. Plus, there’s an optional in-bed audio system that will come in handy at things like tailgates. According to Car and Driver, you can even fit a bicycle inside the cab. 

Should you buy the 2023 Honda Ridgeline?

If you want a truck that doesn’t sacrifice on comfort, the Honda Ridgeline is ideal. It does have a starting cost of $38,800, which does make it more expensive than other mid-size pickups. But, its interior feels nice, and it comes fairly well-equipped. 

2023 Honda Ridgeline best work truck
2023 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

Perhaps the best 2023 Ridgeline is the RTL model. This trim starts at $41,780 and comes with a leather-trimmed interior. It also boasts heated front seats and a power moonroof. Better yet, you will get a range of active safety features. This tech includes things like adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and road departure alert. This should add to your overall confidence. 

Now, this mid-size truck will not be right for someone who wants to do legitimate truck stuff. But, that does not mean it is a bad vehicle. If you want a bed, comfort, and features, the 2023 Honda Ridgeline does deserve to be on your radar.


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