Should Your Next Car Have Tracks? If So Then The Storm Is Your Answer

Yeah, we can see us blazing down Electric Avenue on our way to the Shop and Save in this beast. Absolutely. Just look at it thrusting through the sand on its way to smashing an entire downtown. Should your next car have tracks like this Highland Systems “Storm” amphibious military tank? 

Imagine using the Storm on a daily basis

Storm launching through water
Storm | Highland Systems

It’s rhetorical of course. But imagine using this on a daily basis? And it’s amphibious. It seems like almost nothing could get in its way with the amount of flexibility it possesses. Did we mention it is hybrid-powered too? 

Highland Systems is a military vehicle manufacturer out of Ukraine. Its Storm is a heavily-armored military tank that was first shown at the IREX defense expo in Abu Dhabi. It is powered by a long-range hybrid powertrain. If long runs are your thing then the Storm is for you.

Cruising speeds are 87 mph on land and 18.6 mph on water

Storm front 3/4 view
Storm | Highland Systems

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The diesel-powered tank can go 18-36 hours in hybrid mode without a charge. Running electric-only it has a range of 3.5 hours. Results may vary depending on driving habits and speeds. Cruising speeds are tapped at 87 mph on land and 18.6 mph on water. It is recommended not to enter the water if waves are above 60 inches. 

The Storm’s top speed is amazing when you consider that this sucker weighs 17,600 lbs. Its hybrid system makes 2,500 hp-but like we said you’ll need all of that with as much as this weighs. Now, let’s get down to how this will protect you from the coming hordes.

The Storm is heavily armored. Ballistics, landmines, and IEDs all the way up to STANAG level 1 and 2 are no match for the Storm. Need some diversion? The Storm has a remote-control function so that it can be controlled remotely. You could storm your City Hall with the Storm from a bus bench across the street. Fun times!

Highland Systems is also working on a submersible version of the Storm

Storm rear 3/4 view
Storm | Highland Systems

The downside to all of our fantasy encounters is that as of now the Storm is a prototype. However, Highland Systems is continuing development work to make sure it is as stout and safe as advertised. Besides all of the functions described here the Highland Systems is also working on a submersible version. Basically, it can act as a submarine of sorts.

We don’t know whether the submersible version is a function combined with its amphibious and land capabilities, or if it is a completely separate type of Storm. We’d expect that the submersible function is part of the larger whole that is the Storm. We look forward to a test drive once production Storms are available.