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There’s no denying that Genesis has established itself as a luxury brand. Now, it’s adding an all-new vehicle to its lineup: the 2021 GV80. It’s luxurious, spacious, and expected to arrive at dealerships at the end of the year. But is it worth waiting for?

Genesis GV80 off-road
Genesis GV80 off-road | Genesis

Behind the wheel of the 2021 GV80

The 2021 GV80 can be had with one of two engines. Choose between a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that generates 300-horsepower, or a 375-horsepower twin-turbo V6. Standard with an 8-speed automatic transmission, Kelley Blue Book says the all-new GV80 can be “optimized for comfort, sporty handling, efficiency, or a customized setup.”

The GV80, much like its rivals, comes standard with rear-wheel drive as well. However, all-wheel drive is available when opting for the GV80 3.5T.  

Kelley Blue Book gave the 2021 GV80 extra kudos for its semi-autonomous abilities, saying that its Highway Driving Assist (HDA) system is among “the best of its kind.” Kelley Blue Book added, “When using the standard adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, this system greatly reduces stress in long, tedious commutes on freeways and highways.”

Good looks and quality features

The 2021 GV80 is a good looking SUV too. Consider its diamond-mesh grille along with its matching headlight and taillight slats, and this all-new SUV is truly a sight to behold. Fortunately, the 2021 GV80 isn’t all about looks.

Opt for the base GV80 2.5T Standard, and enjoy quality creature comforts like heated and 12-way power-adjustable front seats, a 14.5-inch screen, 12-speaker premium audio system, and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration. 

Treat yourself to the 3.5T model, and revel in the GV80’s massaging seats while its 21-speaker Lexicon audio system surrounds you with your favorite tracks. And if that’s not enough? Enjoy a suite of valet style benefits via Genesis Connected Services.

What will the 2021 GV80 cost?


The Genesis GV80’s Specs Make It Sound Like an Awesome Luxury SUV

Crafted to compete with luxury vehicles like that of the BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GLE, Lexus RX, and Acura MDX, the 2021 GV80 is by no means cheap. Starting at $48,900, the 2021 GV80 costs less than its aforementioned competitors, except for the Lexus RX. 

But its $48,900 base price is just the start. According to Kelley Blue Book, “If all-wheel drive is on your must-have list, it takes $54,650 to get into a GV80 with one.” For a top-of-the-line 2021 GV80, Kelley Blue Book says you can expect to spend $70,950. 

Is the 2021 GV80 worth the wait?

While the luxury SUV segment may be packed with a multitude of options, the 2021 GV80 is also packed with sought after features, and all for a more competitive price than its rivals. And though it may not be considered a groundbreaking new option among its segment, its certainly poised itself to be a worthy rival to its competitors. 

In the end though, the 2021 GV80 is well worth the wait. Fortunately, with the end of the year just around the corner, the 2021 GV80 will be arriving at dealerships before you know it.