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The Jeep Gladiator is a serious offroader with distinctive features that set it apart from nearly all of the trucks in the segment. Removing its hardtop and doors, the Gladiator lets you enjoy the open air, while the lack of even a sunroof in its rival Ford Ranger seems pathetic in comparison.

Then, there’s the endearing quirk of the heart monogram with the numbers 419 stamped into the truck bed — an area code shoutout to Jeep’s Toledo Assembly Complex. So you love the Jeep Gladiator? Have you considered customizing it to boost its offroad capabilities or add more convenience?

According to Motor Trend, Mopar offers over 200 parts and accessories designed to work with the Jeep Gladiator. Let’s take a look at some of them to find out how they enhance this innovative truck.

Mopar parts for offroading fun

Late last summer, the Motor Trend team drove a 2020 Gladiator Rubicon through extremely muddy trails at Michigan’s Chelsea Proving Grounds. Mopar installed at least a dozen parts on this Jeep, including several that boost its offroading functionality.

One that made a significant difference was the Jeep Performance Parts lift kit ($1,495), which added two inches of clearance to the Rubicon’s already impressive 11 inches. Aluminum body Fox shocks are sold with this kit, too.

The MT Gladiator’s 35-inch BF Goodrich all-terrain tires wrapped around Mopar’s off-road slotted wheels ($1,140 for a set of four). If you plan to do extreme offroading and don’t mind spending a little more, Mopar also offers 17-inch black and silver beadlock-capable offroad wheels ($1,580).

Other Mopar parts geared for offroading on the Rubicon include two-inch round steel tube doors ($1,195) and a mesh sun cover ($150). Motor Trend noted that Mopar is still developing side mirrors for the new Jeep. Drivers who live in states that require them won’t be able to operate the Gladiator with tube doors legally on public roads.

2020 Jeep Gladiator in the Mopar Garage
2020 Jeep Gladiator in the Mopar Garage | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Heavy-duty rock rails ($950) that are thicker than the Rubicon’s stock ones were installed on Motor Trend’s Gladiator. Other offroad parts that Mopar tailors for the Gladiator are front and rear steel bumpers (starting at $595) and winches ($1,595). A grille/winch guard is available for $249.

Although Motor Trend didn’t mention Mopar mods for engine performance, one worth mentioning is a cold air intake system ($445) for the Gladiator’s 3.6-liter V6 engine. Along with Mopar’s cat-back exhaust system ($1,395), it can add more power to the Gladiator’s rated delivery of 285 hp.

Granted these two mods won’t put your Gladiator in the same league as Mopar’s 1,000-hp Hellephant V8 crate engine or the notorious Hennessey Maximus Gladiator. But taken together, they will likely add between 15 and 25 hp to its performance.

Mopar accessories for looks, utility, and convenience

Mopar gives owners many opportunities to deck out their Gladiators with Jeep bling. These include seven-inch, 8,000-lumen LED offroad lights that mount on the grille ($725) and five-inch, 4,800-lumen LEDs that bracket to the A-pillar ($475 plus $145 for the bracket). A bright pedal kit costs $105.

Or buyers can pony up $325 for a Mopar black satin grille with a high-contrast look. Other accessories include a truck bed storage system with two sliding drawers ($1,295), tonneau folding cover ($950), and all-weather floormats that have a drain for easy cleaning ($165).

Mopar parts add up quickly but may be worth it

If you do the math, a Mopar shopping spree can run well into thousands — and this doesn’t include tax and installation costs. This means that when it’s all said and done you could pay an upwards of $60,000 for a Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, especially with some dealerships adding up to $20,000.

On the other hand, Mopar makes high-quality parts specifically designed for the truck. Some parts can be installed at dealerships and others at a Mopar Custom Shop.

You can also order them when you order your Jeep Gladiator, so they can be financed with it and covered under the Jeep factory warranty. If you expect to spend money on customizing your rig, “Moparizing” it can really make a difference in its offroad capabilities, utility, and appearance.