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We’re all going to get confused in about a year. Audi’s new naming scheme will change some things up as it goes to an all-electric lineup by the end of the decade. Basically, the gas-powered cars will be called A3, A5 and A7, while the electric ones will now be the A4 and the A6. That also means that we’re getting a new A5, or formerly A4, in 2024.

What is the new Audi A5?

With the new names coming, we’re getting a new Audi A5. The car will come as a sedan and a wagon, and today’s A5 coupe will go away. Americans (sadly) don’t like station wagons so in the U.S. we’ll probably not see the wagon. The sedan will look a lot like the current car, but will be larger all around, according to MotorTrend. Basically, it has a wider track. We could, though, see an Allroad, or lifted off-road style crossover from the platform.

The new car will come with up to 10 engine choices. Most likely, it will get the efficient 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that most Audi’s today use. RS variants will likely get larger turbocharged V6 engines with massive horsepower figures. But, Audi has plans for a variety of hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants, too. The interior gets an upgrade as well, but overall it will retain an Audi family resemblance.

The A4 has been with us since the Obama administration

2023 Audi A4 Premium rear view
2023 Audi A4 Premium | Audi

The current generation of A4 was launched in 2016. Audi fans know this version as the B9, as it’s the ninth generation of the A4, which debuted in 1994. Today’s A4 is quite a bit larger than that 1994 version and comes in a head-spinning variety of trims and engine choices. But, in this hyper-competitive segment where it goes head-to-head with newer models from Mercedes-Benz, Acura, and BMW, it’s starting to look a bit staid.

The current generation came out for 2017 and every version comes with quattro al-wheel drive. It’s a competent, if not exciting, sedan. It comes in 40 and 45 trims. While both versions get a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the base 40 makes just 201 horsepower while for just $1,600 more you can upgrade to the 45 with 261 ponies. That extra power makes a big difference. Inside the A4 continues Audi’s modern art aesthetic with high-quality materials and switches that feel nice and positive when you use them. Also, the back seat has more room than others in its class.

So should you wait for a new Audi A5?

2023 Audi A4 Premium interior
2023 Audi A4 Premium | Audi

The new A5 will likely soldier on through 2030 as Audi’s last internal combustion small sedan. That means a few things: it will look new through the next decade, it will have the latest technology, and it will be expensive. But, if Audi’s previous examples of the A4 series cars are any indication, it will take a keen eye for most people to recognize it as a new Audi, thanks to the brand’s slowly evolving styling.

For now, a current-generation 2023 Audi A4 could be a bargain. Audi dealers know that a new sedan is on the way, and that means they will likely start discounting the current cars to get them off the lot before the new one arrives. It’s hard to beat an A4, and a Premium 40 at about $42,000 makes a good case for a very capable sedan. It makes a lot more sense if you can find one at an end-of-its-run deal.


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