Should You Buy a 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 or 2022 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X For Off-Roading?

Finding the proper pickup truck for your specific needs is challenging today. There are so many options you might wonder which one is right for you. If you’re looking for a midsize truck with off-road prowess, you’ve likely considered these two models. Should you buy a 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 or a 2022 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X? Both aim to provide a capable off-roading experience, but which midsize truck is better?

2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 vs. Nissan Frontier Pro-4X: Which is best?

The best off-road pickup trucks for 2022 includes the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2
The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 off-road pickup truck | Chevrolet

In terms of which midsize truck is best, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons. The 2022 Colorado ZR2 is a rugged off-roader that fulfills nearly every need you could have for getting away from the paved road. The Frontier Pro-4X is similarly equipped but lacks in some areas. Both of these pickups are near the top of their trim levels. As a result, it costs a pretty penny to go off-roading in either of the popular models. Which one provides more value to the buyer?

Is a Colorado ZR2 ready to off-road?

According to Edmunds, buying the 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 will run you $45,395 MSRP. As a result, it’s the most expensive member of the Colorado lineup. In addition, it’s roughly $10K more than the less-rugged model, the Z71. However, the ZR2 takes everything good about the Z71 and adds much more on top of it. Here’s what makes the top-of-the-line truck worth the extra cash.

Every Colorado ZR2 has Z71 off-roading features. For example, all-terrain tires, an off-road suspension, a locking rear differential, hill descent control, heated exterior mirrors, a unique upholstery, and rear parking sensors. In addition to all this, the ZR2 makes the Colorado even more rugged and premium.

More specifically, ZR2 owners gain a raised suspension with special dampers, even larger all-terrain tires, fender flares, unique bumpers, a spray-in bed liner, and an electronically locking rear differential. All-wheel drive is available for either engine, including a V6 or diesel.

Can the Nissan Frontier Pro-4X compete?

A 2022 Nissan Frontier shows off its off-road capability as a mid-size truck.
Nissan Frontier | Nissan

What’s the Difference Between a 2022 Nissan Frontier S and SV?

Like the Colorado, the Frontier Pro-4X adds many features to a lower-tier trim level. For the Nissan midsize truck, it’s the SV model. This $34,000 trim has 17-inch wheels and a power-adjustable driver’s seat, on top of everything included with the S base model. However, a few optional packages are available that add things like a trailer hitch with a wiring harness, bed under-rail lighting, a spray-in bed liner, and adjustable bed tie-down cleats.

Edmunds shows buyers who choose to upgrade to the range-topping Pro-4X max out the 2022 Nissan Frontier. Starting at $39,415, owners gain Bilstein shock absorbers, skid plates, a locking rear differential, all-terrain tires, and LED headlights. As a result, the Frontier Pro-4X is off-road ready. In addition, it becomes more luxurious with a 10-speaker sound system and an upgraded nine-inch touchscreen.

Furthermore, a few more optional packages unlock with this trim level. However, none of them contain any off-road-oriented features. Instead, they’re geared toward upgraded tech and convenience with things like a wireless smartphone charging pad, a 360-degree camera system, leather upholstery, and safety features.

Should you buy a Colorado ZR2 or Frontier Pro-4X for off-roading?

In conclusion, the 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 is the off-road midsize truck to buy if you’re not on a budget. For a reasonable price, it comes well-equipped and ready to hit the trails. Alternatively, the 2022 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X is a competent off-road truck. Although not as well-equipped as Chevy’s offering, it provides enough to make the much lower price more desirable. Which off-road midsize truck is right for you?