Should You Buy a Vehicle Through Cars & Bids?

In uncertain times, buying a vehicle online can be a great solution to staying socially distanced. In fact, with more people staying home than ever, that can mean more time to dedicate to our cars, whether they be project cars or simple updates and customizations. That also means that used car sales have been on the rise, stripping the market of the surplus of cool collector cars that were once available in abundance. But, if you want to look at buying your next project or collector car, should you consider using the newer auction website, Cars & Bids?

What is Cars & Bids?

Cars & Bids is a newer platform for auction-style sale of vehicles. There isn’t a limit to the value of vehicles or types of vehicles that can be listed, making it an online playground for the modern car enthusiast. It is an open website for both buying and selling vehicles, making it a great option for private sellers rather than being exclusive to larger dealers. In this way, Cars & Bids is one of the most accessible and reliable websites for purchasing a car on an online auction.

A white with blue stripes 2006 Ford GT No Reserve
2006 Ford GT No Reserve | Barrett-Jackson

Other automotive auctions

There are a number of reliable and well-known auctions and auction websites that give car collectors and enthusiasts the ability to purchase cars. Barrett-Jackson, for example, is one of the biggest automotive auctions in the United States — it’s so large, in fact, you can buy a ticket to go and simply watch the action and check out some of the amazing cars. Unlike those auctions, Cars & Bids is done completely online, and although the idea of spending tens of thousands, or sometimes more, on a car online, there are several protections for both the buyer and seller.

A black 1967-Chevrolet-Corvett-Custom Convertible No Reserve
1967-Chevrolet-Corvett-Custom-Convertible-No-Reserve Barrett Jackson

Is buying a car online safe?

Most buyers chose to buy cars in person because it gives us a certain level of comfort. You can see with your own eyes anything that a picture might be able to tactfully hide with angles and lighting, and you can take the car for a test drive. While this is typical for your average passenger car, Cars & Bids operates for vehicles of a different caliber of vehicles. Some of the vehicles are surprisingly affordable, and if you chose to purchase through the site or even sell, there are a number of safety measures taken to protect the buyer and seller, as stated in the extensive “How It Works” page.

A white 2005 ford gt with blue stripes
2005 Ford GT No Reserve | Barrett-Jackson

A 1-of-1 1968 Shelby GT500 Mustang Prototype Could Be Yours

Buying a vehicle through Cars & Bids is not only safe, but there are a number of amazing, rare, and collectible cars that you can’t find anywhere else, and while you’re always taking a bit of a gamble buying a car online or buying some of these vehicles overall, there are several measurements in place to help buyers and sellers minimize their risk.