Shelby Announces “Baja Snake” That’s A Modified Chinese Pickup

Shelby America is venturing off into modifying Chinese vehicles as it does here in the US. Great Wall has hooked up with Shelby to do a series of “Baja Snake” modified Cannon pickup trucks. These are also sold as Pao or P-Series pickup trucks. 

Can we get the Shelby Baja Snake in the US?

Great Wall Shelby Baja Snake Cannon pickup concept
Great Wall Shelby Baja Snake Cannon pickup | Shelby

Journalist Greg Kable scooped the info along with some highly-obscured drawings we tried to make more discernible. According to him, it will debut next week at the Shanghai Auto Show next week. The genesis of this union is for Great Wall to offer up some healthy competition to the Ranger Raptor. The Ranger Raptor is sold in other countries but not in the US. At least, not yet. Neither are Great Wall products.

There is no info on the Baja Snake. Shelby America isn’t even saying it’s doing the work. What we would expect is that besides cosmetic changes there will be added power and more off-road goodies underneath. At least that is what you get with the F-150 Super Snake

What’s a Shelby “Super Snake?”

Great Wall Shelby Baja Snake Cannon pickup side view
Great Wall Shelby Baja Snake Cannon pickup | Shelby

Could This Chinese Pickup Beat Ford Ranger?

The Super Snake has a supercharger added along with a cold air performance intake. Lowering and adding exterior bits change the looks somewhat. Also, identification to remind you it is modified by Shelby both inside and out. 

When will we know more about the Baja Snake?

As the Shanghai show is next week we won’t have to wait too long to catch a glimpse of the Baja Snake. Let this serve as a little preview of what it will be but more important that Shelby’s interests go beyond modifying American products. It definitely adds some intrigue and interest in Great Wall’s pickup truck for us.