Shady Businessman Abandons $200,000 Ferrari F430 Scuderia at Ex-Employee’s House

The Ferrari F430 Scuderia is an expensive, limited-edition supercar built as one of the final versions of the F430 line. As a result, collectors worldwide seek this limited-edition Ferrari. However, a shady businessman decided to abandon his at an employee’s house for one very sneaky reason.

According to Matt Farah via the VinWiki YouTube channel, his boss asked him to hold the car but never came back for it. After growing impatient, Farah reportedly tried contacting its owner and accidentally stumbled into a messy situation.

Why would someone abandon a $200,000 Ferrari F430 Scuderia?

An image of a Ferrari F430 Scuderia out on track.
Ferrari F430 Scuderia | Ferrari

According to Farah, this Ferrari F430 Scuderia story begins back in 2009 as his boss went through a divorce. Farah reports that his boss at the time was the owner of a multi-channel YouTube channel network. As a result, Farah got a salary to make car-related videos. Eventually, the company fell apart, but Farah decided to keep a friendly relationship with his former boss.

At one point, Farah’s former boss told him he planned to move from LA to NYC due to a divorce. As a result, Farah’s former boss asked him if he would store his brand-new Ferrari F430 Scuderia at his home in California for a week. Farah agreed and picked up the car. This arrangement’s benefit is that Farah could reportedly drive the ultra-rare Ferrari as much as he liked.

This story takes a turn as the Ferrari owner begins to ignore Farah’s calls and texts. Despite telling Farah that he would only need to care for the Ferrari for a week or so, several weeks passed with no communication. After the owner effectively abandoned his car, Farah reportedly began looking for solutions.

This turned out to be his second F430 Scuderia

An image of a Ferrari F430 Scuderia out on track.
Ferrari F430 Scuderia | Ferrari

Since Farah became annoyed with the Ferrari F430 Scuderia and the flaky businessman, he decided to call the man’s wife. While trying to get the car out of his garage, Farah reportedly stumbled upon a massive secret.

The Ferrari owner’s wife was reportedly shocked to hear that Farah had a Scuderia in his possession. Upon hearing this, she decided to ask more questions about the car, specifically about its color. Farah reportedly responded by saying that it featured black exterior paint.

At this point, the wife realized that her husband had a secret Ferrari F430 Scuderia stashed in California. This is because she was only aware of a white example that lived on the east coast of the U.S. Farah reports that a truck showed up at his house to pick up the car shortly after this conversation. However, as you might imagine, this wasn’t the end of this story.

What happened to this abandoned car?

An image of a Ferrari F430 Scuderia out on track.
Ferrari F430 Scuderia | Ferrari

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Once the truck picked up the abandoned Ferrari F430 Scuderia, Farah reports that he still didn’t hear from his former boss. Eventually, Farah reports that the wife managed to win and keep the ultra-rare Ferrari as part of the divorce. However, Farah reports that his former boss never spoke of the issue, despite carrying a business relationship for years after this major incident.