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When Ford announced a new 6.8-liter V8 for its super trucks, I thought What crazy name will this one have? It will, after all, slot in between the “Coyote” and “Godzilla” V8s. Imagine my surprise when Ford essentially said, “Dunno, what do you want to name it?” So I need your help, dear reader, in naming the 6.8-liter big-block Ford V8.

Ford’s new 6.8-liter V8 is a chip off the old block

A photo of Ford's new unnamed 6.8-liter V8 available in the 2023 Super Duty pickup trucks.
Ford 6.8-liter V8 | Ford

Ford redesigned its Super Duty truck lineup for the 2023 model year. Because the “Godzilla” 7.3-liter V8 engine in these same trucks is performing so well, Ford decided to reuse as much of its design as possible. It engineered a lower displacement and more efficient version of the V8 engine, to be built alongside it in the Windsor, Ontario engiene plant.

The 6.8-liter V8 replaces the old 6.2 “Boss” V8 as the base engine for Ford Super Duty trucks. Its engineers think the engine, along with the 10-speed automatic transmission, will make all the difference.

Aaron Bresky, Ford Super Duty engineering manager, said, “With the 6.8L, the new strength [of the frame] combined with the 10-speed transmission creates an efficient base engine. If you compare and contrast the prior one, the 6.2L with standard 6-speed transmission, my gosh, what a great upgrade.” –according to Ford Authority

The 6.8-liter Ford Super Duty V8 has no name

A blue Ford Super Duty truck driving down a paved road, desert ridgelines visible in the background.
2023 Ford Super Duty | Ford

Special edition Ford V8 engines have included the Boss, Triton, Predator, Carnivore, Voodoo, Trinity, and Terminator. Smaller engines include the Fox (Ford Fiesta), Dragon (Ford Focus), Lynx (Diesel Escort overseas).

Of all the automakers, the Blue Oval has some of the coolest engine names around. So imagine my surprise that they named the 6.8…nothing.

When asked about the new engine’s name, Bresky came up short. “We didn’t develop a name…When this question came around we encouraged the individuals that were asking about the names, ‘What would you call it?’”

Challenge accepted! I am confident that together, we can come up with the perfect name for this engine. Because it’s bigger than a Coyote, I am thinking “Wolf.” Though because the F-150 is known as the “Lobo” in Mexico, naming it the “Lobo” would be an interesting twist.

Another option would be to play on its “Godzilla” origins. “Mini-zilla” is a bit lame and “Mothman” doesn’t roll off the tongue. So how about “King Kong?”

It is replacing the “Boss” 6.2. Obviously “Boss” is a storied Ford badge, dating back to the “Boss” Mustang. So what about naming this engine the “Super Boss?”

Another storied Ford trim is “Cobra.” But why borrow this name when there are so many great snake names? What about the “Copperhead” or even the “Mamba?” The latter reminds me a bit like the old “Voodoo” engine.

Finally, if the Super Duty team wants to get cheeky, they could make fun of some other Ford Truck special editions. If the “Raptor” is named after a bird, the “Velociraptor” would one-up it while matching the carnivorous reptile theme of the “King Kong.”

There’s also the all-new Ford F-150 “Lightning.” This silent, electric truck’s name is an SVT tradition and couldn’t be more perfect. So how about naming the latest rumbling V8 the “Thunder?”

How do we name the new Ford V8?

First, we need to get Ford’s attention. Second, we must show how many truck fans support a given name. But don’t worry, I’ve got a plan.

I’ve included four name options in a Twitter poll (embedded below). Just click on any option. When the poll is complete, I’ll tag Ford in a comment. If enough of us vote, Ford is sure to notice.

If you have an even better name idea, I’m all ears. Drop it in a comment, either on Twitter or at the bottom of this article.

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