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Its name isn’t splashed everywhere on the products, but Harley-Davidson now makes two kinds of two-wheeled EVs. In addition to its LiveWire electric motorcycle sub-brand, Harley also has an e-bike company, Serial 1. Since its 2020 launch, Serial 1 has steadily increased its electric bicycle lineup with several urban cruisers and a few limited-edition builds. And now, for the first time, it’s heading off the pavement and into the gravel with an electric mountain bike.

Harley-Davidson’s first electric mountain bike is a hardtail trail rider

A tan Serial 1 BASH/MTN electric mountain bike in a black studio
Serial 1 BASH/MTN electric mountain bike | Serial 1

When most people think of mountain bikes—electric or otherwise—they likely picture something with big tires and fancy, long-travel suspension. But while the new Serial 1 BASH/MTN has the former, it lacks the latter. Not only does it not have a rear shock, but it also has rigid forks.

However, it’s worth noting that the earliest mountain bikes also lacked any kind of suspension. Furthermore, one kind still eschews rear shocks: the hardtail. In addition, the BASH/MTN shares its aluminum frame with another Serial 1 e-bike, the MOSH/CTY cruiser. This technically makes the new e-bike a gravel or cyclocross machine, like the Giant Revolt E-Pro. But those bikes can genuinely go off the paved track, as can the BASH/MTN. And while its origins are road-based, the new e-bike has some true mountain bike elements.

For one, the Serial 1 BASH/MTN has knobby Michelin E-Wild off-road tires, rather than road or gravel tires. Secondly, it has four-piston TRP hydraulic disc brakes. And thirdly, it does have some suspension—in its seat. The BASH/MTN has an SR Suntour NCX suspension seat post with two inches of travel. It’s not a dropper seat post, but it should iron out the worst bumps should you send it off a jump. And while most mountain bikes don’t have single-speed transmissions and carbon drive belts, many do have 1x drivetrains with single derailleurs.

But because it has a drive belt and only one gear, the Serial 1 BASH/MTN is easier to maintain. That’s another benefit of its hardtail, solid fork design. And it doesn’t need multiple gears because, well, it’s an electric mountain bike.

How fast and far can the Serial BASH/MTN electric mountain bike go?

Like the related MOSH/CTY, the Serial 1 BASH/MTN has a mid-mount Bosch S Mag electric motor with 66 lb-ft of torque. It’s a Class 1 e-bike, so it only provides pedal assistance up to 20 mph. But you can regulate the amount of assistance with the handlebar-mounted Brose controller. You have four modes to choose from: Eco, Tour, Sport, and Boost.

The motor provides the power, but the juice comes from the BASH/MTN’s integrated removable 529-Wh battery. Serial 1 claims you can squeeze 30-95 miles out of a charge, depending on the mode and terrain. That’s not bad for a 48.8-lb electric mountain bike. If you drain it fully, though, recharging from 0-75% takes 2.6 hours, while going from 75-100% takes 2.1 hours.

Speaking of charging, the BASH/MTN has a built-in USB-C outlet to charge your smartphone. And you’ll want to bring it along to connect with the Serial 1 app. It lets you record your ride route and time as well as monitor your range, speed, and motor power output. Plus, it sends you service reminders and provides turn-by-turn directions via Google Maps. The app also lets you digitally lock your e-bike and track its movements should it get stolen.

Finally, the BASH/MTN has an integrated LED headlight and taillights. And like the rest of Serial 1’s e-bikes, it has an illuminated logo on the headtube.

Harley’s first off-road e-bike is only around for a limited time

Although the BASH/MTN is based on the MOSH/CTY, its gravel-focused upgrades make it slightly more expensive. While the electric cruiser starts at $3799, the mountain bike starts at $3999. And unlike the MOSH/CTY, it’s only available in one color.

However, the BASH/MTN won’t be available for long. Although it’s not a one-off like the Stingray-style custom MOSH/CTY Serial 1 built last year, it is a limited-edition product. The company is only making 1050 examples, with only 525 headed to the U.S., RideApart reports.

Serial 1 hasn’t revealed if it plans to make other mountain e-bikes once it finishes making the BASH/MTN. So, at least for now, this is your only chance of getting a Harley-Davidson mountain bike. But who knows? Maybe if there’s enough demand, Harley will cycle into the dirt again in the future.

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