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A tour inside a semi-truck is a childhood dream come true for many people. It seems like this is a forbidden place where only truckers know what happens and what’s available. Let’s take a little tour inside the cab of an 18-wheeler and see if we can answer some of those burning questions you’ve always wanted to know about semi-trucks.

Do semi-trucks have bathrooms?

Semi-Trucks in Traffic
Semi-Trucks in Traffic | Shutterstock

We’ll begin with the title question about bathrooms. Allstate Peterbilt Group offers an official blog that tells us what we want to know. Most of these trucks do not come with bathrooms. If you’ve ever stopped at a full-service truck stop, you may have noticed showers and complete bathrooms which are meant for truckers to relive themselves and clean up.

Some ultra-modern, custom, or luxury semis do have bathrooms built in, and some truckers might buy a portable toilet that can stay inside the truck. For the most part, semis do not have bathrooms.

Do truckers often sleep in their 18-wheelers?

Yes, many semi-trucks have sleeping quarters behind the driving cab. This extended area of the truck can be a comfortable place for truckers to rest and relax after a long day of driving. The United States Department of Transportation limits the number of hours of driving per day for truckers. When it’s time to relax, some truck drivers might find themselves away from civilization, which makes the sleeping quarters a nice place to escape and relax.

Are cabins of semi-trucks designed ergonomically?

Semi Straddling the Yellow Line
Semi Straddling the Yellow Line | Shutterstock

Most of these cabins are as ergonomically designed as possible. Many years of research and testing go into developing the cabs found in semis. Truckers have access to everything they need from the driver’s seat. The seat, dashboard, and windshield are all designed to ensure the driver can remain comfortable, relaxed, and alert while on the road. These areas help reduce stress on the truckers’ bodies while out on the road.

Do most truckers customize the cabin of their trucks?

Yes, many semi-truck drivers spend most of their time on the road and create an environment in the cabin they enjoy. In many cases, this might not be to most people’s liking, but it makes the trucker feel more comfortable. Some drivers will have small travel refrigerators to keep drinks fresh and cold, a microwave to heat things up, and even portable televisions that allow them to sit back and enjoy their favorite streaming services.

These rigs also have room for the essentials, such as:

  • Closet areas for clothes
  • Storage compartments for toiletries
  • Charging ports for devices
  • Extra storage for books, pictures, etc.

A trucker’s life can be lonely on the road

Semi-truck driving behind a car, highlighting why truck air horns are so loud
Semi-truck | Josiah Farrow via Unsplash

Driving semi-trucks is a unique occupation. Many long-haul or over-the-road truckers spend weeks away from home with only a few days at home each month. This means long breaks from family and friends. It can be a lonely life, but many drivers enjoy their time out on the road and make friends with other truckers along the way.

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