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Are you the type that routinely loses your keys, car, purse, or even your pet? If so, you could probably benefit from using a GPS tracker. However, there are a few different types of trackers in the market, so picking the right one can be tough. Fortunately, the Cube GPS Tracker has all of the functionality you need.

There are four different Cube Trackers to choose from

The Cube Tracker next to an iPhone
The Cube Tracker next to an iPhone | Amazon/Cube Tracker

The Cube Tracker is a GPS tracking unit that can attach to your key chain, clothes, wallet, or almost anywhere else you can put it. Unlike other trackers on the market – we’re looking at you, Apple Airtag – the Cube Tracker can pair to either an Apple iPhone or an Android phone via Bluetooth. But what makes the Cube Tracker even more unique than its rivals is that there are four different styles to choose from.

There’s the original Cube model that can attach to a key ring or backpack and has a 100-foot range. Then there’s the Cube Pro model that has a metal design and an extended 200-foot range. The Cube GPS model is a larger unit with loops on either end so it can attach to a dog collar or backpack strap. Lastly, there is the Cube Shadow model for the ultimate stealth mode. The Cube Shadow is small and thin and can also stick onto a wallet, laptop, or anywhere else you can stick its adhesive backing to.

a close-up shot of the Cube Tracker unit
Cube Tracker unit | Amazon/Cube Tracker

What else makes the Cube Tracker unique?

Cube GPS unit attached to a backpack strap
Cube GPS unit attached to a backpack strap | Cube Tracker/Amazon

The Cube Tracker’s main draw is its versatility and ease of use. For the non-GPS models, you only need to download the Cube app on your smartphone and then pair it to the unit. After that, you’ll be able to track the unit with the press of a button and the app will even tell you whether or not you’re getting close to the Cube tracker. There are even different ringtones that you can set for the tracker to emit and each one can sound off from 80 to 100 decibels to make them easy to find.

The Cube GPS model is a little different from the rest in that you not only need to pair it to the app, but you must also pay a monthly fee to activate the GPS service. After doing so, the Cube GPS unit utilizes a wireless 4G LTE network for cell tower triangulation in order for you to track it all over the U.S. It also has Bluetooth capability for proximity tracking and you can even set up a virtual fence so that you can make sure your pet, child, car, or anything else you attach it to doesn’t go outside the boundary that you set up.

How much does the Cube Tracker cost?

The original Cube Unit attached to a gym bag
The original Cube Unit attached to a gym bag | Cube Tracker/Amazon

The Cube Tracker is competitively priced at $24.95 a unit, while the Cube Pro costs $5 more. The Cube GPS model is also priced at $29.95, so it looks like it could be the best value in the bunch. However, just know that there is a $20 monthly fee ($16.50 for the annual plan) attached to it. Finally, the Cube Shadow is priced at $39.95.

Cube Tracker initially appeared at SEMA a few years ago, but it recently appeared again at SEMA 2021 in order to showcase its new model additions. That appearance wasn’t in vain as Cube Tracker was given a “runner up” title for the “Best Mobile Electronics” category at the SEMA 2021 awards.


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