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  • The Ford Mustang won the SEMA 2021 best car to customize
  • The Toyota Supra crowned best sport compact to customize
  • Ford brought custom-built Mustangs, Toyota showed of Supra special editions

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) manufactures aftermarket parts for cars and trucks. SEMA’s 6,000 member companies hold a yearly show in Vegas. This convention showcases cutting-edge aftermarket parts, and creative custom builds. The Association members also vote on the best sports cars to modify. Of all the SEMA cars at the 2021 show, Ford and Toyota swept the best sports cars to modify awards.

The Ford Mustang won SEMA car of the year

This is a render of the aLL STaR Performance's V6-powered Ford Mustang. Of all the SEMA cars, the 2021 Mustang won car of the year for being the best to customize. | Ford
aLL STaR Performance’s V6-powered Mustang is a beach-ready cruiser | Ford

Ford has offered its Mustang sports car since 1964. Buyers can choose the coupe or convertible layouts for the 2021 Mustang. The sports car comes with a V6 or V8 engine as well as an automatic or manual transmission. It starts at $27,205. The Mustang is one of the most popular modified SEMA cars.

For SEMA 2021, Gene Tjin of aLL STaR Performance built a dramatic California cruiser out of an EcoBoost Ford Mustang. Tjin boosted performance with an intercooler and cold air intake. He decked the build out with an Almond surfboard and white Katzkin leather interior.

The Toyota Supra won SEMA sport compact of the year

This is a promo photo of the Toyota GR Supra Sport Heritage Edition concept that is returning to SEMA 2021. Of all the SEMA cars, the Toyota Supra won the best sport compact to modify. | Toyota
Toyota’s GR Supra Heritage Edition pays homage to the famous MKIV Supra | Toyota

The Supra is Toyota’s front-engine, RWD sports coupe. Toyota debuted the fifth generation for 2019. The reborn legend features either an I4 or a turbocharged I6 making 382 horsepower. The Toyota Supra starts at $43,190. The Supra is another one of the most popular SEMA cars.

Toyota debuted the GR Supra Sport Top at the online-only SEMA360 in 2020. Now that SEMA is live for 2021, convention-goers will finally be able to see the tribute. The Supra Sport Top is defined by a removable roof, like the legendary Supras of yesteryear. KC’s Paint Shop in Fort Worth Texas completed the unique Supra’s roof removal. Returning to SEMA is the Toyota that inspired the Supra Sport Top: The GR Supra Heritage Edition. It is a masterful tribute to the MKIV Supra, built on a modern sports car.

This is a computer render of M2 Motoring's Mustang GT race car build. The Ford Mustang sports car won car of the year at SEMA 2021. | Ford
M2 Motoring’s Mustang GT is full of Ford Performance parts and dresed for the track | Ford

The 1964 Ford pioneered the pony car class. Its lightweight construction, low weight, and available V8 engines set a high bar. The 2021 Mustang GT offers a series of V8 engines. Returned for 2021, the Ford Mustang Mach 1 makes 480 horsepower.

M2 Motoring built a track-ready 2021 Mustang GT for SEMA. Ford supplied the team with an array of Ford Performance parts. These include a 750 horsepower supercharger kit, front splitter, GT350R brakes, and Mach 1 suspension components. The resulting car, in Motorcraft livery, unleashes the Mustang’s race car potential.


The 2021 SEMA show features some incredible sports cars. Examples range from world-class Chevrolet Camaro to Honda Civic builds. But SEMA manufacturers voted the Ford Mustang and Toyota Supra as the best cars to modify in 2021.


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