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Do you have an RV you’d like to sell? Well, you’ve picked a good time because the RV market is robust right now. Prices for new RVs have skyrocketed, so many buyers are looking for quality used models. By following the tips below, you can boost your chances of a quick sale at a good price.

1. Take advantage of RV fever in the spring

Used RVs parked on a street in Mountain View, California
Used RVs parked on a street in Mountain View, California | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

According to KOA, early spring is the best time to market your RV. Most shoppers are itching to find a great recreational vehicle and start their summer adventures. Buying an RV in early spring gives them an entire summer’s worth of adventures to look forward to. 

Selling later in the season dramatically cuts the number of potential buyers who will pay top dollar for your camper. Many have already purchased one. Others won’t want to pay what it’s worth when faced with only a limited number of summer days left to enjoy it.

2. Clean and declutter your camper

Buyers are looking for a nice RV they can call their own. They don’t want to see (or smell) anything that reminds them the vehicle isn’t fresh from the showroom. Removing personal items will also make your camper feel more spacious — and space is something most buyers crave. Storage spaces always look bigger when they’re empty. They also let buyers envision where they’ll store their belongings.

Your RV should be spotless and in good working order if you want the best possible price for it. Every tiny flaw or speck of dirt gives the seller an excuse to negotiate the price down. A little attention to detail and elbow grease on your part could deny them that excuse. Not taking care of problems and grime might even give buyers a reason not to buy a used RV at all.

3. Stage your RV like a home

RVs are notorious for their cheap-looking, dated, and mostly brown decor. Make yours stand out with decorative pillows, attractive throw rugs, and a nice new shower curtain. Even changing cabinet knobs can give your vehicle a fresh new look for relatively little time or expense. Include new trash cans in the kitchen and bathroom, too.

In addition, choose accent pieces in light, neutral colors to make the space look larger, and mention that everything in the RV is included in the sale price. Buyers generally get excited when they find a turn-key RV that’s ready to hit the road immediately.

4. Take high-quality photos that show your RV’s best features

Photograph your RV at a favorite campground. Green grass, trees, and water are much more enticing than sidewalks and driveways. Take exterior photos with the awning out and the storage doors closed. Then photograph it again with the awning in and the storage doors open. Take close-up photos of details such as the utilities, tires, and anything else you inspected when you were the buyer.

RVshare also recommends taking detailed photos of the interior, especially the kitchen, bath, and main bedroom. Take more photos than you think you’ll need. You won’t be able to include them all in the listing, but mentioning many more photos are available might entice a prospective buyer to contact you. If someone urgently requests photos of the shower or leveling jacks, you’ll be glad you have them.

5. Include all of the original paperwork

The fact that you still have the original paperwork indicates you cared about your RV and paid attention to its care and maintenance. That can help ease a potential buyer’s mind about getting stuck with a lemon. If you have maintenance records, receipts, or other paperwork, include them too. 

Original paperwork, high-quality photos, and a clean and attractive appearance might be just what you need to get top dollar for your used RV. That’s especially true when you pick the right time of year to put your camper on the market.


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